On March 5th, Ms. Liang of Nanning called the “3·15 Rights Protection Office” hotline. She bought a jade bracelet in “Stone Book” last November. The clerk told her that the product was a cargo jade, and she ended up After taking a site inspection in the Nanning Gem Identification Center in Nanning, it was the result of the identification of the B goods.

Jade bracelet A cargo B goods

Yesterday afternoon, accompanied Ms. Liang to a “stone record” on Minsheng Pedestrian Street. After listening to the intention, a staff member assured that "the stone" is now selling A goods." In the face of this jade identification certificate, the staff did not comment. The clerk called Ms. Xie, another clerk who sold the item at the time.

Ms. Xie explained that the B-carved jade bracelet in Ms. Liang’s hands does not exclude the company’s B-car jade in the previous inventory when the goods were transferred; at the time of sale, it was impossible to identify the jade by the naked eye. Goods or B goods, there is no relevant mark on the goods number.

After consultation, the store proposed to give Ms. Liang a jade bracelet, or to give Ms. Liang a refund. In the end, Ms. Liang chose a refund. The store said that it will return Ms. Liang’s payment at the end of March.

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