At 10 o'clock on September 18, the Yutang faction received a report from the victim, He Mou, who found a man selling fake antiques on the road next to the bus stop opposite the Changzheng Village Committee of Gongming Street. Immediately after verification, the police rushed to the scene and captured the man who was selling fake antiques.

After the trial, the suspect suspect Liao Mouwei (60 years old, Sichuanese) confessed that he had repeatedly purchased high imitation jade crafts in Shajing, Baoan District. After the 50 yuan jade was stained with dirt, it became an "antique" and Gongming Changzhen Roadside stalls are sold.

At 9 o'clock on August 8th, the victim He Mou asked about the fake antique price. Liao Mouwei asked for at least RMB 4,000. The two sides went through bargaining. Finally, the victim, He Mou, obtained the fake antique "turtle" and small bowl at a price of RMB 2,000. On August 18th, the victim He Mou bought the "antique" that he bought this time for his friends who like antiques. His friends thought that this was just an ordinary craft. At this time, He realized that he was cheated. At present, the suspect suspect Liao Mouwei has been administratively detained for 15 days.

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