Products that want a competitive protective film are one of the keys. Different types of electrostatic film used in different product packaging are also different, so we must have some purchasing strategies when purchasing electrostatic film! Today Yihong Protective Film invites you to come and see!

The purchase of electrostatic film is mainly reflected in these aspects:

1. Wear resistance: The electrostatic film is used to protect the product, so it must have a certain degree of wear resistance. Especially for some vacuum-packed products, the requirements for the degree of wear resistance of the film are even higher. In general, the higher the abrasion resistance of the electrostatic film, the higher the smoothness.

2. Transmittance: An electrostatic film with poor transparency will make people feel very strenuous. According to reports, the transparency of a good film is about 95%, while the inferior quality is below 80%. In some informal markets, the nominal film size of 99% can not be reached at all, and now it is generally no higher than 97%.

3, easy to stick: In general, high-quality electrostatic film can be automatically adhered under the premise of ensuring that the surface of the product is clean and not easy to appear bubbles. Yihong Protective Film reminds you that there is glue on the back of the general inferior film. It can't be used repeatedly or washed. The high-quality electrostatic film is electrostatically bonded, and it can be used repeatedly or even washed without applying glue.

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