How are there autumn and winter models underwear section? Underwear between spring and summer models and autumn and winter models are there any differences? Many MM do not know why the underwear will be divided into seasons. Today, doll clothing underwear brand will be a little explanation for everyone: "Why underwear there will be the season of the points."

Clothing has four seasons, personal underwear still has its own alternative rules.

Q: Spring is still cold, choose what style of underwear more suitable?

A: You can choose from the advantages and disadvantages of underwear fabrics, soft and comfortable is the foundation, but hot and cold is unpredictable, it is best to have good sweat absorption performance, it is estimated that the wet weather, but also easy to dry.

The advantages of silk underwear is that natural fiber to wear a light and comfortable, perspiration is good, 30 minutes fast drying rate of 83%, the disadvantage is the high washing requirements, each need to be ironed finishing wash, and the higher prices, but the humidity , When the clothes are hard to dry, it needs the care process but conducive to the maintenance of underwear.

Common cotton underwear, the advantage of natural fiber, good sweat, and affordable, but the disadvantage is poor perspiration, the underwear brand test, only 30% after washing dry 8%, and after washing shrink, collar cuffs easily deformed And other issues, wet spring more difficult to maintain good.

With the development of science and technology, emerging synthetic fiber underwear has a better sweat and moisture guiding function than traditional fabrics, and is one of the underwear fabrics suitable for wearing in spring.

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