A cold autumn rain, accompanied by autumn rain, the weather and temperature will be closer and closer to the fall of the state, slightest will slowly invaded over, and began to prepare autumn time. Elui women in the autumn 2014 new models launched a series of dresses, suitable for different colors and colors of women wearing a lot of autumn dress, but to follow the fickle seasonal temperature to wear is not so smooth, and cold When the hot autumn want to wear out a most appropriate dress, or a lot of attention to the weather.

艾露伊 - LOEY

Long-sleeved clothing is from the fall, this flounced dress using a moderate thickness of breathable fabric, light-colored stitching, to show pure charm, three-dimensional small lapel design more confident style. If you feel a little cool, you can use a stockings to outline a pair of legs.

秋天穿的裙子款式 秋天穿什么裙子不冷也不热

Most of the autumn clothing needs more careful on the fabric, not thick but not thin, breathable but soft and comfortable, the figure two different styles of dress, white skirt slightly larger, more is the tendency of sweet, sky blue Colored dresses have a skirt style, smooth lines with a vertical striped stockings, very feminine Oh.

Photo credit: Elui Women

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