Feng Shui treasure development! Romantic spring open three cities to join it !


2005, the first spring of the brand stores opened in Shantou City, the brand to the precise and comfortable fashion market positioning, the majority of consumers received the praise. As of 2013, Romance Spring has more than 1,000 franchise stores and over 200 self-operated stores throughout the country, and the momentum of development is very strong. In October 2014, the romantic spring decided to open a single store in Chaoshan, in just half a month, only the number of franchise stores in Shantou soared to 20, showing the romantic spring in the Chaoshan regional market space!

According to the company's strategic development strategy for the Chaoshan base camp, the company decided to formally open the romantic spring Chaoshan three cities (Shantou, Jieyang, Chaozhou) to join cooperation, welcome to have people with lofty ideals online registration advice!

ways of registration:
First, scan the following romantic spring official QR code, send a message in the chat page (your name + contact phone + address), and then patiently wait, there will be relevant regional investment manager take the initiative to contact you!
Two: into the romantic spring official website: or call investment advice Tel:


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