Lightweight, short sleeves. The weaving of twist weave pattern, partial school style, is a relatively new category this year. The basic style of knitted shirt, wild ride in the winter section, soft and comfortable fabrics. The soft herringbone material and small swing skirts are of small size and good texture. Plaid stitching increases the visual richness. The A style is small and playful.

Wool double-faced wool coat, H-type style is relatively loose, with a contemporary sense, simple atmosphere.
Classic small straight body type, double color: pink/blue.

Shun hair material soft and delicate, rich texture. The entire design of the swarfed edges reflects the contemporary simplicity through the separation of lines. Powder blue lining is soft.
Basic small turtleneck sweaters, collar heights have changed with the previous season, whether it is a vest skirt or Jacket are very wild.

Sweaty edging design is full of agility, and pink orange is set against the complexion.
A-type dress, combed cotton material, plus a layer of cloth on the surface, super soft, anti-static. High-waisted pleated design makes the plaid shirt material no longer neutral, small and cute version.

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