Gifts must see the crystal meaning Gifts must see the meaning of the crystal meaning of different crystals Colorless crystal: on behalf of pure, selfless. Can enhance people's aura and drive out distractions.

Purple crystal: represents romance and marriage. Noble color.

Yellow crystal: represents wealth and prosperity.

Tawny Crystal: It stands for soundness and security.

Green Crystal: represents justice and development.

Green Phantom Crystal: On behalf of the financial road, career development.

White Spooky Crystal: It represents pureness and spirituality.

Red ghost crystal: on behalf of the development of the business, wealth and prosperity.

Blonde Crystal: To the United States, Supreme.

Red hair crystal: warm and lively.

Huang Fajing: Prosperous and prosperous.

Black hair crystal: partial wealth, solution er.

Green hair crystal: happiness, good luck.

Silver hair crystal: wood prosperous, evil spirits.

Pyramid Crystal: Gather energy and be safe from evil.

Water gall crystal: magical, supernatural.

Scenery Crystal: A miniature of nature, a window that communicates with people and nature.

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