Celebrate Bin Man Women brand Xi'an store signing success, Zhu Quanguo store business is booming! Xi'an, the ancient name of Chang'an, Beijing trillion, is the world-famous one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, ranking first in China's four ancient capitals, is China's capital in the history of most dynasties, the most influential capital. Is the cradle of Chinese civilization, the cradle of the Chinese nation, an outstanding representative of Chinese culture. In the ancient capital of Xi'an in the millennium, is about to usher in a fashion storm originated, the beautiful women in Xi'an, are you ready?


The term "Bin Man" originates from the end of the 15th century and spread to the 17th century. It is closely linked with the life of the French court. A set of elaborate and elaborate red tape exaggerates the elegance and sophistication of the aristocratic identity. The era has changed so far, a group of political celebrities, rich ladies, famous movie stars or celebrities to replace the status of past aristocracy of the court, how to comfortably enjoy the elegant living quality, is still the new blue blooded nobility respected and learning areas.


"Winman BINMAN" women's brand heritage elegant connotation, show the wisdom of mature women, and guide modern urban women, the pursuit of worthy of the high quality dress style and way of life.

Man Man fashion: popular with international standards of color, distinctive personality of the popular style;

Man Man personality: in line with the psychological age of 25-40 young women, pure and unique;

Man Man taste: self-cultivation and wisdom, the perfect combination of confidence, never tired, memorable;

The temptation of Man Man: Possession of her is a fashionable avant-garde imitators and youthful charm of casual range children;

Fun Man wearing occasions: suitable for travel, friends gatherings, evening entertainment, work and life and other occasions, bringing the world's fashion, but also brought a world-class quality and service, which aside the internationally renowned brands The high-priced approach adopted, at a reasonable price, maintains a more intimate, nobler way.

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