A box of colored beads, a roll of thread, was instantly strung into a cute little rabbit that looked like life and was very cute. This was a scene seen yesterday by reporters in the hand-knit team of "Creek Club". In August this year, Ma Huiping, a handicapped person, formed this hand-knit team. The members of the team are also handicapped. They come from different places but come together for a dream in this warm family.

She let the dream shine into reality. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw Ma Huiping in the employment base for disabled people in Jinggang Town. She was very capable of being thin because of bone tuberculosis that caused her spine to bend.

"When it comes to my life experience, I may not be able to finish it for three days and three nights." The optimistic and cheerful Ma Huiping told reporters with a smile. The illness at the age of five almost kept her high forever, but a miraculous experience changed her. In my life, “When I was six or seven years old, I was still lying in bed. Because of the risk of spine surgery, the ** would not dare to do it for me. Just one of my father’s friends came to drink at home and said that he had studied acupuncture. I'll try it or not, and as a result this test really made me stand up and the great benefactor passed away soon afterwards."

Much fate gave Ma Huiping too much comprehension. She cherished the hard-won life, and always thought about what she could do for the disabled. “Let yourself and the disabled people around you to support themselves and rely on their own efforts to achieve their ideals and find a life. Value, this is my biggest dream.” Since 2000, she has been working in the local community on helping people with disabilities. During this period, she taught herself the skills of weaving and beading, and established handicrafts for disabled people. The team’s dream has gradually matured. On August 8 this year, with the support of the street, the manual team was finally established.

A warm family hand-knit team had only three or four people when it was founded. Now it has grown to 11 people. Yesterday, the reporter saw Xiaodong, a 21-year-old Feidong girl. Although Xiao Zhao was young, he was one of the first to join. Members, manual skills are also quite good today. The reporter noticed that Xiao Zhao’s right-handedness was not convenient, but she told reporters that during the past few months, no matter if it was raining or raining, he came to work on time almost every day.

“First take the bus, but also take a short road. It takes an average of four hours a day on the road.” Xiao Zhao said to the reporter in an embarrassing manner. Sometimes, when he thinks about it, he feels very hard, but compared with what he has harvested. This is nothing, "To us, this is like a warm family. We can not only learn handcraft skills here, but also mainly spiritual communication."

The girl from Feixi Sanhe is 23 years old and has just joined the braiding team for 18 days. “Bunny's ears are still not treated well here, and the next improvement will be made.” A string of white rabbits just finished in their hands, Xiao He He said to reporters with a smile, since she came to this big family, my mood has become a lot brighter. “Before I was at home, I didn’t communicate with people. I watched TV all day. Now I’m learning to do it. I’m very happy. My family is also I'm happy."

Since the establishment of this hand-knit team, everyone has collected the help of many caring people in society. Ma Huiping has two deepest impressions. The first is their first customers. “It’s the truck that we wait for the roadside business. Drivers and drivers, when they were founded, have no chance to sell. They know our difficulties and they spontaneously come to buy small pendants. In addition, they often come to help us do some manual work and never pay any consideration for compensation.”

Ma Huiping told reporters that the Hefei Forestry College is located near the weaving team. College volunteers here have also provided a lot of help. “I’ve been unable to learn how to sell these handmade products we produced. Later, these college student volunteers took the initiative to find me. I would like to thank them for saying that they are willing to help me promote and publicize on campus for free.”

In addition, there are many well-intentioned people who either offer advice or offer advice or encouragement. “One day, an old man called me and said that he is a retired designer and is willing to design a brand for us for free. Image and trademark; and a lesbian in Chaohu. After hearing about our affairs, she said that although she is not disabled, she hopes to join us in Hefei.”

For more than three months since the establishment of “Fine Art Pavilion”, the streets have saved them rent and utility bills. However, only some of the sales volume can only protect material expenses and the basic life of the team members. “The top priority now is the lack of management personnel.” Although facing many problems, Ma Huiping is still optimistic about the future development. “The next step is to contact some big companies, like our handicrafts, quality and creativity are good. Many people still do not know, and we hope that everyone will come to see and understand more and support us. I believe that one day we will realize our dreams with our own hands."

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