Foreign media: "Made in China" is not cheap in China According to news from foreign media, although Chinese-made products have been known around the world for cheap prices, prices for certain high-end goods or luxury goods in China are different, such as Coach bags and iPads, which are sold in China. The price is actually much higher than in the United States.

The price of the iPad2 in a shopping mall in Beijing is about US$700. In the case of an Apple store in Washington, DC, the same product costs only US$499. In addition, the price of a backpack in a Colombian sportswear store is priced at 1,399 yuan (about 220 US dollars) in China, and the same kind of product with a Chinese-made logo printed in the United States is sold for only 139 US dollars.

Analysts pointed out that the emergence of such a situation, first of all due to the logistics sector, that is, the transport of goods carried by the high toll. If you pay all the tolls and other expenses as required, at least the freight driver is hard to make money. An analyst said: "Although you can buy all your favorite trucks, but you can not get rid of these costs transferred to you by the local government."

In addition, high-end products are so expensive in China because they are subject to higher taxes. However, due to the appearance of many imitation products in the market, some wealthy Chinese people are very happy to pay higher fees to buy genuine products to show off.

Analysts pointed out that in the high-end market, there is a kind of cultural phenomenon like flash-for-cash culture. That is, the price does not matter, the key is whether you are paid attention to when paid and whether your purchasing ability is demonstrated.

Due to the above-mentioned price differences, many people are now happy to go abroad to buy luxury goods and consider it cost-effective. At the same time, since China's Hong Kong region does not impose extra taxes on luxury goods, such price differences have also led to smuggling.

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