Yi Xiang Li Ying Women participated in the 2011 annual best-selling clothing brand concern list themed activities.

"2011 annual best-selling clothing brand concern list themed activities" sponsored by China Beauty Network , clothing investment network co-sponsored, selected by consumers recognized brand, by consumers concerned about the style.

This time the activities of the following two features: 1, simple selection, this event does not charge any fees, attention to the list is not subject to any economic interests and the impact of the original brand awareness; 2, limited time selection, all participating apparel to accept the vote until the end of the voting period 888 hours (37 days), to avoid the first dominance and sorting effects.


Xiang Li Ying brand was born in June 2000, mainly engaged in the high-end women's design, production, sales and service, to highlight the bright young women's fashion theme, the formation of rich international, fashion brand. On the basis of initial accumulation of original capital, the Company vigorously expanded its market share and maintained its friendly service in the course of continuous development and established good strategic cooperation with its customers.


YXLY is the flagship brand of women's clothing launched by Zhejiang Yi Xiang Li Ying Garment Co., Ltd. It aims at "personality, fashion and art" and combines simple, elegant and taste to guide the trend and create the goal of self. Quality first, the pursuit of excellence in technology requirements; to innovation, the pursuit of the perfect design ideas, multi-directional, heavy brand publicity effect in just a few years, they won the national clothing franchisee and the industry's praise.

2011 best-selling clothing brand concern list theme activity URL: http://gz2011.ef43.com.cn/

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