Recently, under the leadership of “Zhu Chenlong”, popular varieties such as the third round of the Chinese zodiac philatelic products and the ancient famous painting theme editions continued to fluctuate, and online postings on the postal market have been increasing. However, some postal friends believe that the “China Philately News” announced the circulation in the first quarter of last year on March 6 this year. The circulation of “Xinqi Rabbit” has only just been known, and then the circulation of “Yue Chen Long” has to wait. One year later, we know that the large-screen ticket with a face value of 24 yuan has risen to 445 yuan in recent days. It is not convincing to say that the risk is small.

In the investment market, the former is harder to deal with when it comes to rationally dealing with rising prices and falling intellectually. New York University neuroscientist Glimche studied found that: "If the recent returns are better than the long-term return, the relevant neurons will quickly trigger, spread a large amount of dopamine to the entire brain, prompting people to chase profit." So, the decline in the market It is hard to be impulsive, and rising prices, especially those that continue to rise, can make people rush into the market for investment.

In the past week, the third round of Chinese zodiac philatelic products continued to rise. The market price of “Zhenchenlong” large platelet, small platelet, and small note has risen to 445 yuan, 106 yuan, and 40 yuan. The remaining 24 varieties (including large plate tickets) , small version, gifted version) all went higher, but the largest version of the largest increase in votes, while the small version and the gifted version did not increase. Take the big ticket as an example. For example, “Akimono Monkey” rose from 770 yuan to 810 yuan. The market prices of “Baiji Chicken”, “Bingji Dog” and “Dinghai Pig” rose to 215 yuan, 105 yuan, and 116 yuan respectively. The market prices for rat, ugly cow, Geng 寅 ” ” and Xin 卯 卯 卯 rabbits rose to 155 yuan, 226 yuan, 156 yuan and 115 yuan respectively.

In the tanned series of philatelic products, the “four treasures of the family” small version rose from 290 yuan to 300 yuan, the small version of the New Year series did not change much, while the “Olympics” and “World Stamp Exhibition” magpie souvenir sheet saw a large increase, and the market price separately. From 78 yuan and 115 yuan to 91 yuan and 180 yuan, "Guan Gong" tanned four-letter sheetlet also quickly rebounded from 1600 yuan to 1950 yuan. The price of the double-duplicated souvenir sheet went flat or slightly higher last week.

In the past week, the classic theme paintings had different trends and performances. The “Fuchun Mountain Map” dropped from 210 yuan to 195 yuan. The “night banquet map” and “Youchun map” were traded at 105 yuan and 200 yuan respectively. The “Chingming river map” rose from 57 yuan to 70 yuan. 47 yuan rose to 50 yuan, "Shen Jun map" from 84 yuan to 102 yuan. The market price of other popular varieties fluctuates slightly, such as the "Olympic Emblem" mini-plate, the "60th Anniversary of the National Day" and the "Capital of the National Day Parade," and the small version of the "Capital Market", etc. On the 10th Anniversary of the Reunification, the souvenir sheet rose from 87 yuan to 90 yuan, and the "sixth anniversary of the return of Macao" souvenir rose from 56 yuan to 62 yuan. The "300 poems of Tang poetry" set of small tickets rose from 26 yuan to 30 yuan. , "Wuxi Asia Exhibition" toothless sheetlet postage rose from 85 yuan to 95 yuan; and "running script" Xuan paper small version, "Guan" small version and "Xin Hai **" small version respectively by 110 yuan, 71 Yuan and 19 yuan fell to 108 yuan, 70 yuan and 17 yuan.

Compared with the market price in late February, there were 3 liters and 5 drops in the “Wen” stamp. For example, “Red Lantern” rose from 800 Yuan to 880 Yuan, “Knowledge Youth” rose from 720 Yuan to 780 Yuan, “Defending Frontier”. From 700 yuan to 630 yuan, "Jinxunhua" dropped from 280 yuan to 260 yuan. There are 8 liters and 6 drops in the numbered stamps. For example, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the party rose from 4,500 yuan to 4,800 yuan. The number of "ships" rose from 1,600 yuan to 1,750 yuan. The "panda" rose from 1,450 yuan to 1,480 yuan. "Asian table tennis" From 650 yuan to 630 yuan, "red flag channel" from 1,350 yuan to 1300 yuan.

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