There is also a set of learning to sleep. One third of the time in life is spent in sleep. For a female friend, "who is beautiful," you can appreciate its weight. Such a large proportion of time can not be underestimated. Sleep is like water, and it is an indispensable "nutrition" for the human body. Beds and bedding have become a factor limiting sleep quality. The brand home textile Baojiao Home Textile teaches you how to choose a bedding package.

(1) Look at the sheets

Look at the minimum size of the sheets in the description of the product. If the sheet is 230*250, then the width of the fabric used. 90% is 230-wide (compared to 250-wide), and 230-250 sheets are also available in 250-piece widths. Manufacturers do this to save costs. In addition, ask the seller whether the size reported is the size of the blank or the size of the finished product.

(2) look at the pillowcase

The size of the national standard pillowcase is 48*74 (inside diameter). In some product descriptions, the size of the pillowcase is 50*80, which is vague. In fact, 50*80 is the outer diameter size, and the inner diameter is only 40*70. Although this size will save cost, the high-grade pillow core will not fit in. It is.

(3) Look at the quilt cover

Most of the quilt size is marked as 200*230. Buyers must consult the seller before purchasing. Ask if the 200*230 is the finished size or the size after shrinking (because the cotton fabric has more or less shrinkage). ). In addition, it is necessary to ask whether there is a fixed rope tied to the core in the seller's quilt. If there is no fixed rope, after you buy the quilt cover, you must manually fix the rope on the quilt of the quilt to avoid being smashed by the core during use. Into a group.

4) Look at the width

99% of the width of the 250cm door is a high-grade fabric, and some 230cm wide is also a high-grade fabric (active combing), but the future 230cm wide width of the fabric will no longer be produced! If the size of the bed sheet of the kit is 230*250cm (this is to save some cost), you should consult the seller if it is 250*250cm, is it a unique one, is there no seam, if you answer yes, you can buy it with confidence. Now!

(5) About bed cover

The reason why the general bed cover is more beautiful than the bed sheet is mainly on the skirt. The beauty of the skirt is mainly the density of the folding of the tweezers. The amount of the general bed cover discount is calculated as follows: if a 1.5 m * 2.0 m bed cover, it The total length of the skirt should be (1.5 + 2.0 + 2.0) * 2 = 11 meters. The total length of the bed cover skirts of some small manufacturers is only 7 meters. Imagine how such a bed cover will be beautiful.

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