Many children like to have a lovely big towel while they are taking a bath. The children will be very happy when they take a shower and wrap their body to dry the water. Jiangsu Home Textile Top Ten Brands Baoji Home Textiles reminds you that your child's skin is soft and tender. When we buy children's towels for children, it is best to choose pure cotton material, good antibacterial and water absorption, soft hand feeling, fluffy and elastic, special. Note that the selection is odor-free, and if it is printed with cute animated patterns, it is more popular with children.

Inferior towel hidden "killing machine"
In order to make the towel feel good, some companies add a lot of softeners, and too much softener not only affects water absorption, but also is not good for our health. Softeners can block the tiny pores of our skin and affect metabolism. In addition, inferior softeners also contain harmful substances, which are harmful to health. There are also many unqualified towels that have color loss problems. These dyes are transferred to the skin. The harmful substances inside may be lurking in the human body for a long time. It may be bad for the body, severely allergic or absorbed harmful substances, so when choosing a child towel It is best to choose no odor to prevent the purchase of products processed by inferior or heavy acid bleaching materials.

How does Baodi Home Textile identify the quality of children's towels?

How to identify the quality of children's towels 1. Look at the hygroscopicity of towels:
That is to say, a towel, you put it here, we just use the water drops, the water immediately sees into the towel, there is no slip, no spread. A bad towel, it forms a waterdrop, it doesn't ooze, and the waterdrop can't be hanged. It slides down very quickly. We say it's a bad towel because it's too soft and doesn't absorb moisture.
2. Look at the towel is not faded:
Pure cotton towels are generally dyed with reactive dyes, and the dye molecules are covalently bonded to the cellulose molecules to immobilize the dye on the fibers. During the reaction, some of the dyes are combined with the fibers, and some of the dyes are hydrolyzed and adsorbed on the surface of the fibers, but they do not covalently bond and are easily peeled off. When dyed dark towels, a large amount of hydrolyzed dye is adsorbed on the fibers, which is difficult to wash, so there is discoloration during the initial washing, which is unavoidable. If the light-colored towel is washed for a large amount of color for the first time or the dark towel is still washed after repeated washing, the dye is unqualified or the dyeing process is inaccurate, which is an unqualified product.
Summary how to buy children's towels 1, purchase:
Try to choose the products of regular manufacturers in professional online shopping malls and large shopping malls.
2. Logo:
Qualified towel products should have a standardized logo and indicate the manufacturer, origin, telephone, trademark, implementation standards, washing methods, etc.
3, feel:
High quality towels are generally soft, fluffy and elastic.
4. Appearance:
The color of the good towel is brighter, the pattern is printed clearly, the loops are even, and the seams are neat.

Our square candle can be used for religious activities,birthday,home decorations,bars,hotel,parties,christmas holidays,valentine`s day,wedding,church or other occasions.

Any color and scent is available. We can also customize for you.We have difference size this kind white candle and we can design difference model as buyer's Pattern.


Material: paraffin wax Pillar Candles

Color: red, green, yellow, pink, blue etc

Melt Point: 58-60°C

MOQ: 1000pcs

Sample: available

Popular Size: 5*5cm, 7.5*10cm, 7.5*15cm, 10*10cm, 10*15cm

Scent: rose, levender, orange, grapefruit, gardenia, sandalwood, venilla etc

Packing: PVC wrap, OPP bag, calendered paper etc


 Square Pillar Candle


Product Name

colorful and scent square pillar candle


paraffin wax, palm wax


white, red, green, blue, purple, yellow, etc.


5*5*5cm, 5**5*10, 6*6cm, 6*6*10cm, 6*6*15cm, 7*7*7cm, 7*7*10cm, 7*7*15cm, 7.5*7.5*10cm, 7.5*7.5*15cm or customizable


all fragrances available


Europe, South America, North American, Middle-East, South-East Asia, Africa.


pray, emergencies, home-Use, parties, office-use



Packing Details  :  export standard packing including (paper box , pvc box, out carton) or according to customer's request.

Candle Colors Option- All handmade Square Pillar Scented Candles / candles for party in bulk










shocking pink














beach boy



shocking pink

salmon pink





turquoise blue





Warm Tips

1.It is forbidden to light a candle unattended situation

2.Candle burning must be in a horizontal position

3.Burn more than one candle at the same time,need to leave some distance between candles

4.Away from combustible material

5.Please don`t put the candle in vent combustion

6.Used in out of reach of children and pets

7.Cut wick into 0.5cm



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are factory.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q: Do you provide samples ?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample.

Q: What is your terms of payment ?

A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.
If you have another question, pls feel free to contact us.

Square Pillar Candles

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