ikoocoo.3 originated in elegance.Fashion.Cultural and love capital of Paris, France, the convergence of modern international popular elements, based on the original design, contains the French fashion Aura. Quality and art, adhering to the "taste. Fashion. Elegance. Value" fashion design philosophy, vividly expressed the pursuit of modern and mature women charming confidence, passion and vitality, enterprising, the pursuit of excellence! Successful interpretation of a new chapter in women's wear .


Brand interpretation:
Art. Life. Enjoy
ikoocoo.3 The art of living and knowing life is not only a pleasure, especially for mature women. Knowing how to live, whether at work or in life, is always the center of attention. LOGO simple and elegant atmosphere of the line, a symbol of simple and comfortable life philosophy, ikoocoo.3 font black font to add light gray, reflecting the elegant women, and full of women's charm.

ikoocoo.3时尚女装 品味优雅享受艺术生活

Brand Positioning:
They share common values. They agree that true love is given and self-improvement. They are concerned with the constant improvement and growth of their own self, their self-confidence and steadfastness in their own lives, and leisurely. They have a noble sentiment and rich experience of life, have a higher quality of life, enthusiasm for the cause and family.

They are in a similar personality, focus on the pursuit of self, with independent opinion, strong imagination and creative ability, knowledgeable, talented, serious attitude, treatment of professional excellence. Positive and optimistic, confident and independent, will work towards their own goals, both love and career have a high ideal and pursuit.

Traditional Pillar Candles are classic staple available in scented, unscented & in a variety of heights & sizes.

The most popular sizes: 4.5*9cm, 4.5*15cm, 4.5*20cm

5.0*5.0cm, 5.0*7.5cm, 5.0*10cm, 5.0*15cm, 5.0*20cm

7.0*10cm, 7.0*12.5cm. 7.0*15cm, 7.0*20cm

7.5*7.5cm, 7.5*12.5cm, 7.5*15cm, 7.5*20cm.etc/

Usually pillar candle use paraffin wax as the main materials, we use high quality semi refined and fully refined  paraffin, the melting point is 58-60 degrees.

Any color is available, like ivory , white, red, green, blue , purple, pink, etc. Also we have muti-colored paraffin wax pillar candles, couple colored, triple colored, 7 colored pillar candles also available .

Usually call 7 colored pillar candle as chakra candle, it is for body energy.

 The Pillar candle really set the mood as dinner party centerpieces. Try a modern twist by mixing & matching multiple heights & colors on a mantel or table display.

Scented Pillar Candles

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