"Bear B Qi" brand children's clothing, children's fun companion. "Bear B Bitch" (http://) brand identity to healthy and lovely, lively cartoon bear, to promote and promote the "bear B Qi" brand culture concept. We donate to the children, "Bear B Qi" not only as a garment, but also as a gift of childhood, a lifetime of the best time, the best memories. "Bear B Qi" children's wear brand is a professional children's clothing company - Foshan Hyun Fashion Co., Ltd. design and production. Companies in Guangdong has a product development center, marketing center and logistics and distribution base, passed ISO9001: 2001 quality management system certification, and as consumer satisfaction units. "Bear B Bitch" brand children's clothing advocates lively and generous, simple and practical, stylish and casual taste and culture. In 2004 the successful launch of China Red Year Series. 2005 Korean wave popular period, launched the "big long today" series, swept the market in 2006 to a strong denim series to become the market's strong. Today, "Bear B Bitch" to "fashion and leisure" as the development direction, with a sound product structure, bright colors to spread and promote children's healthy sunshine dress. Tips: Bear B Qi children's wear joining Hotline:. "Bear B Qi" chain franchise to promote the way to improve service quality, increase product added value. And the rapid development franchise franchise stores, so that "Bear B Baki" brand throughout the country, widely recognized and recognized by consumers. Company Name: Foshan City, East Hyun Fashion Co., Ltd. (Bear B Qi) Address: Wenhua North Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Wenhua Garment City, fifth floor, second floor National Free Hotline: Website: .com.cn

Crystal Scepter

Crystal Scepter is a symbol of of power in old times, which meaning right, honor and riches.
Now the scepter use for pageant, which in various shaped, such as heart scepter, star shaped scepter, animal shaped scepter, spider scepter, rabbit shaped scepter, full round earth shaped scepter and other lots of crystal Pageant Scepters. And all the scepter made by high quality crystal, double side and single side both available.
All the stick of the scepter is 15inch length in my site.
The top part from 1.5inch to 4inch, plus 15inch sticker, total length is 16inch----19inch length.


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