After a week of hard work, but also to the small weekend we look forward to, perhaps friends gatherings, business banquet and other occasions also inevitably your attendance, how to become the focus of the banquet? Must be to make some effort, take a look at " Weisi Man " What a coup!


To attend a business dinner party or party, a texture of the wool knit dress to become the preferred combat clothing, simple ONE PIECE design with leather wide belt, one second allows you to wear S-type body, spike audience!

周末宴会穿搭术  “威丝曼”为你来出招

Small sense of luxury fur, always the main character of autumn and winter, the version is extremely simple but not significant monotonous, red leather and fabric material splicing is the highlight of this product, with the evening bag, make you gorgeous debut!

Pillar Candles
The candle which has a rigid wax that makes sure that the candles stand all alone in a bowl or on a platform without melting into a flabby muddle is known to be a Pillar Candle. These candles are present in different sizes, shapes and can have a great height as compared to other candles.  These  types of candles are mostly used in religious ceremonies, festivals and in dramatic events. These candles come in different colors and can be scented as well. Some pillar candles can be of single wick and some can be of multi wick. The creation of these candles is same as the conventional candles, but the material used is a little more than the others.

Types of Pillar candles

There are many different kinds of pillar candles as described above, the categorization is done on the basis of shape, wick,materials and scent.

Basic Pillar Candle:

It is cylindrical in shape, having a single wick.  It is made of paraffin or beeswax, having different colors. It can be decorated on the dining tables.

Soy Pillar candles:

As the name suggests the candle is made of soy and some other components which help to give the stability to the candle. They are quite eco-friendly and burn much hotter than the conventional candles.

Layered Pillar Candles:

These candles are quite similar to basic candles, but have layers of different colors in its wax.It is best to use for decoration purpose as it can give quite a dramatic affects in the room.

Ice pillar candles:

This name to these pillar candles is given due to its formation technique, as ice is used to make these candles and while burning it creates an enchanting lighting pattern.

LED Pillar candles:

This candle is quite opposite to the conventional candle as there is no melting of wax or the burning of wick. It is also called as the flame less candles. It is purely used for the purpose of decoration and home designing.

Pillar Candle

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