ec. clothing Kou women's style is romantic, rich, natural, color and color is calm and elegant and does not blindly follow the popular, but always fashionable: material with different texture, style of natural fabrics, full interpretation of the concept of harmony with nature; style design Emphasize the richness between the single product, optional collocation, provide a professional clothing for the wearing groups with the concept at the same time, leaving more space for them to dress with.


Detailed PU wrapping is popular this year, the edge of the margin with the original edge of the margin, the edge of the full range of light, double over the material changes, excellent visual effects; detachable hat, changing style; large piping pocket, total Is so catching the eye, to attract attention, but also quietly play clothing three-dimensional.

ec.衣蔻女装  强调单品之间丰富随意的可搭配性

A simple round neck is very atmospheric, than those who have a collar wearing a scarf more docile, more range children; exquisite stitching PU leather, thin craft, aggravating this YY temperament industry gas field, you must believe Her absolute personality and belching; oblique insert pocket, simple, real, classic.

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