With the jewels of various precious jewellery such as jewellery and jade, various real and fake jewels have appeared on the market, making it difficult to recognize the authenticity. In order to prevent the purchase of fake jewelry or jade. To this end, as the most popular jewelry industry portal - China Jewelry City cnzbc.com jewelry related experts have summarized and shared the skills of identifying jade jewelry.

Surface coating

A colorless gemstone or a lighter gemstone is soaked in a colored solution to precipitate a pigment on the surface of the gemstone to change the color of the gem itself. Jewelry-related experts at China Jewelry City cnzbc.com believe that this treatment method was mainly used on porous and cracked jade. Now it is mainly used in crystal fraud, that is, soaking colorless or light crystals with yellow or purple solution. It is like citrine and amethyst. In addition, the market also uses a purple-red pen to paint the imitation of violet on the surface of the colorless bracelet. This method of identification is relatively simple, as long as you pay attention, you will not let it go.

Colorless gemstones or lighter colored gemstones are colored with colored ropes, mainly for citrine, amethyst, aquamarine, topaz and the like. Jewelry-related experts at China Jewelry City cnzbc.com said that strictly speaking, this is not a treatment method, because it does not deal with the gem itself, but this method is easy for the first-time entrant to miss the price judgment.

Fish eye mixing method

Mix other cheaper gemstones such as glass, synthetic gemstones, and treated gemstones into a chain of beads. Such as citrine mixed glass, natural crystal mixed with synthetic crystal, tourmaline mixed crystal, jade mixed with jade and so on.

Polishing powder coloring

More green polishing powder remains on the inner and outer surfaces of the colorless or light jade bracelet to change the color of the bracelet itself. Jewelry-related experts at China Jewelry City cnzbc.com found that this method was popular in the market a few years ago, and it has been cold for a while, and it is now on fire. It has been found that this method is used for the imitation of oil and green jade. In the inspection, special attention should be paid to the jade bracelet with uniform color and blue color.

Coating method

In the jewelry market in Guangzhou, the coating method is mainly applied in the following aspects: 1. The garnet coating method is coated with a layer of metallic luster on the surface of the red garnet, and the light transmission is reddish. The industry is called “red blood stone”. ". 2. The crystal coating method is used to plate the metal luster film on the surface of the crystal cluster for "Rainbow Stone" sales. 3. Amber coating A reddish film is applied to the bottom of the yellow amber to improve the appearance of the amber. Jewelry related experts from China Jewelry City cnzbc.com learned that the coated zebra pebbles are mainly used to protect the zebra daisy raw materials. Because the zebra daisy has a layered structure, if it is not protected, the surface layer is easy to fall off.

Irradiation method

Mainly used in topaz, lemon yellow crystal, colored diamonds and black diamonds, the gemstones treated by this method are difficult to identify by conventional detection methods.

Jade bracelet coating method

In addition to traditional treatment methods such as bleaching, injection molding, dyeing, and re-creation, the treatment of jade has recently had a new trend, namely the jade bracelet coating method.

Jewelry-related experts at China Jewelry City cnzbc.com pointed out that the traditional “dressing” jade is mainly applied to the ring face. This method is mainly applied to the bracelet, and the surface of a part of the bracelet is coated with the film being colorless or Partially colorless and partially colored, the colored part is not a common dye but a fine-grained green jade material. Because this method is not sour bubble, the dye used is also natural, so it is extremely deceptive. Its main purpose is to fill the gaps in the bracelet or change the color of the bracelet. The earliest appearance of this bracelet has more bubbles on the surface, which is more sturdy and has a poor gloss. Recently, this treatment method has been improved, and the surface is basically difficult to find bubbles, and the gloss is also good. Of course, this method is easily identified by conventional detection methods.

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