1, product details, which include the product name, attributes, materials, size, weight, size, packaging, color, related certification, etc. Anyway, the product is related to what we need.

2, the price term, this does not need to repeat, anyway, it is just a few, as long as you pay attention to the accuracy of the calculation of the sea freight, insurance and other costs can be done.

3, the payment method, what kind of payment method does have an impact on the price, although often this effect is negligible relative to the entire order amount, but the first payment method must be clear, and consider this impact It is also beneficial to be accurate and master the bargaining chip with the customer during the quotation process.

4, product unit price, this contains three parts, one is the specific price figure. The second is the currency type and currency unit, usually in US dollars. However, there are exceptions. If the customer is a domestic foreign trade company, the behavior between the foreign trade company and the manufacturer belongs to the domestic purchase and sale behavior. The quotation is generally quoted in RMB, and the foreign trade company reports the price of the US dollar to the customer. The third is the unit, that is, the unit of the product. The unit contains a wide range of weight, volume, mass, capacity, length, number of pieces, kits, etc. The general product has a fixed unit of measurement, which is clear.

5, the validity period of the quotation, this time is easy to be ignored, a quotation needs to tell the customer the validity period is long, because the product raw materials, technology, staff wages, exchange rates, sea freight, insurance, international situation changes, domestic policy Changes, etc. will affect the cost of the product, so the expiration date must be indicated. The price of no product is static. Moreover, the average customer will file the quotation. It is likely that after half a year, one year later, or a longer time, the customer will come up with the original price to negotiate, so if the original price is not constrained, it will easily lead us into a passive position. Also indicate the time of the quote.

6. If it is a transportation method including CNF, CIF, CIP, etc., including freight and insurance, it is also necessary to consider what kind of transportation means, sea, air, road, etc., what kind of transportation and packing method is used in transportation. For example, we use the more commonly used shipping, which also includes bulk, LCL, container transportation, assembly, sacks, etc. These are the items that need to be clearly stated to the customer.