Closer, the author received an email from a netizen and made some different opinions about a washing powder case I used to do. After receiving the email, the author admitted to the netizen that the case was indeed very general. Just as part of my personal journey, I put it into words.

Even now, I still chew it from time to time. If I do that case now, will I have a better way?

Looking back now, the case is very modular—first identifying the product concept and then wrapping it around the product concept—and more importantly, the concept is not new and the concept packaging is not in place. Of course, in the field of washing in 2007, the environment in which a weak new washing product should stand out from the crowd is not comparable.

When it comes to the market environment at the time, I did not intend to excuse myself. I just wanted to draw some opinions on the current market environment changes from this statement.

As you know, there are a lot of different brands on the market, and the concepts are already strange. At the same time, the terminal barriers are heavy, and the big terminals are sinking more and more to the second and third tier cities; the distributors of the distribution channels are getting tighter and tighter, and their eyes are getting more and more refined. Even in the rural market, brand awareness is gradually increasing, not to mention urban consumers who are already numb to advertising.

The media has been fragmented, various media are spreading, and the wave of network information is surging. The influence of traditional TV and graphic images is becoming less and less, and the emerging media of the network can't find a good way of communication. You don't even know how to choose the media. It is not clear how many consumers can see your ads.

Even if these advertisements are fortunate enough to be seen by some consumers, there is no guarantee that he will take the initiative to buy or buy it when he wants to buy it. Or the consumer is dismissive of your point of communication and has blocked your communication from decision-making.

With a simple finger movement, they can easily flip through your brand on Baidu or Google, and return the brand dreams of your brand's hard work to the original shape, revealing the true colors of the ugly duckling.

Of course, there may be more challenges beyond these challenges. These challenges may be disastrous for brand builders, so looking at the prospects of brand marketing is frustrating. But as a marketer, whether you like it or not, these confusions are facts that you have to face.

Having said that the confusion caused by so many marketing changes seems to have gone off the ground, and there is no match with "Kung Fu Panda" and "Red Cliff". Below and turn to the topic, talk about the "Kung Fu Panda" and "Red Cliff" which are very hot.

Of course, in the above, the reason why such a large number of marketing faces the dilemma is to lay a premise, the information is too flooded, and the threshold for communication is getting higher and higher. People face so much information every day, how to get your information out of the encirclement, and finally reach the minds of consumers?

Well, if you write here, you can finally get to the point. Let's see how Kung Fu Panda and Chibi are done. Since I don't want to do movie marketing analysis or comment here, I don't want to be forgiven.

Let's talk about "Red Cliff". What are the elements in the theme of Chibi? It has big director Wu Yusen, a large production team, a large screenwriter team, a large historical theme known to women and children, a big actor name, and a big cast. If this is to take out some of the elements, it is enough to attract the attention of the media. And now these elements are brought together, not to be the focus of public attention. From its actual performance, it has indeed become the focus of entertainment in the media in the past six months.

With the combination of these elements, it is a reasonable thing to have a good box office in Chibi after a long period of brewing. Chibi's mode of communication is to let as many elements of the theme of communication as the elements of the public's attention to the commanding heights - here we call it the luxury mode of communication.

After talking about Chibi, let’s take a look at Kung Fu Panda. Compared with "Red Cliff", Kung Fu Panda is inferior in terms of causing media attention. There are no big names and lace news that can be discussed, no directors who attract attention (maybe many people have seen and won’t remember who the director is), there are no historical topics that are well known to women and children, no long-term brewing and a lot of media. Hype; however, these disadvantages do not hinder the popularity of Kung Fu Panda.