3.21 International Sleep Day

The sunrise and the sunset, once was the natural biological clock that the agricultural society abides by. In modern society, time is converted into money, and the ancient biological clock runs under the tight pressure ropes for 24 hours, allowing modern people to owe too much "sleep debt."

According to a 2006 survey conducted by TNS International's leading market research company, the prevalence of insomnia among adults in Guangzhou in the past 12 months was 68%, ranking first among the six cities surveyed in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. If insomnia is a consumer of physical overdraft, the invisible credit card machine takes away too much energy and health.

If you want to sleep well, you must scientifically manage it. This is also the theme of this year's International Sleep Day. As a matter of urgency, Zhang Bin, deputy secretary-general of the China Sleep Research Association and deputy director of the Sleep Research Laboratory of the Guangdong Institute of Mental Health, sees that it is extremely important to create a good sleeping environment in addition to ensuring adequate time and a healthy rest.

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Do not ignore the area and height of the bed

What kind of bed should I choose? Zhang Bin told reporters that many people tend to pay attention to solid or beautiful, but ignore the area and height.

In his view, first of all, the area of ​​the bed should be large enough to easily turn over during sleep, which is conducive to blood circulation and bones stretching. The single bed is 90 cm wide, the double bed is 150 cm wide and the length is 180 to 190 cm. However, for a few people with a height of 185 cm or more, it is not enough. The appropriate length should be about 20 cm in height. Secondly, the height of the bed is preferably slightly higher than the knee of the person, that is, generally 0.4 to 0.5 meters. This height is convenient for going to bed and getting out of bed. If the bed is too high, it will make people nervous and affect sleep; if the bed is too low, it will be easy to get wet, cold and wet, easy to invade the human body, not only susceptible to diseases such as arthritis, but also make people feel uncomfortable and difficult to rest.

The key to the mattress depends on the hardness

Zhou Haiwei, director and chief executive of Qihai Chemical, told reporters that the feeling of the mattress can be experienced from the head, neck, waist, hip, calf, heel and other parts of the mattress. If there is sufficient support, then this mattress is a comparison. Suitable for yourself. In addition, if you are concerned about the sleep effect of the double bed, you can also choose two separate and related single mattresses to combine.

Buying guide: According to Ai Junbao, market manager of Yalan Bedding, when you are lying on the side, the ideal mattress should be deep in the shoulders and hips, and when you are lying on your back, you can give enough support to the waist. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, the consumer should test in two postures and insert the gap between the mattress and the waist by hand. If it is difficult to insert, the mattress is soft, and if it is easy to insert, the mattress is hard.

Latex mattress

A good latex mattress has high tension and excellent elasticity, which can evenly disperse weight and is not easily deformed.

Special reminder: latex cleaning is not easy, can not be directly exposed to the sun, otherwise it is prone to yellowing and hardening. In addition, about 3% to 4% of people will be allergic to latex, then you can use artificial latex or PU latex instead.

Spring mattress

The spring bed is preferably a separate cylinder type, and the more the number of springs, the better. In general, the spring has a small caliber, low elastic limit, poor resilience, and is hard and easily deformed.

Special reminder: First, don't sit on the edge of the mattress for a long time, and don't let children jump on the mattress. Second, the mattress should be used alternately, usually in 3 to 6 months.

Constant temperature water bed

The water bed does not generate any pressure points, which can produce a unique floating feeling, which not only makes the blood circulation smooth, but also relaxes the back in a natural state.

Special reminder: the inner bag of the water bed must be waterproof and heat resistant, in line with EN71 LOW TOXIC eight metal elements low toxicity standards.

Palm mattress

It has a warm winter and cool summer effect and is easy to maintain. In terms of elasticity and toughness, mountain brown is stronger than coconut palm.

Special reminder: The adhesive used in high-quality mattresses is natural latex, which can smell a fragrant hay.

Fine bed products sweet dreams


First consider comfort

Shaohao, the manager of Dihao Home Textiles Store, told the reporter that at present, China's products are mainly sprayed with cotton, hollow fiber (including four-hole cotton, seven-hole cotton, nine-hole cotton), cotton fiber, down, wool, silk cotton, camel and other types. And the quilts of different materials have different characteristics.

"The humidity in the bed is also an important factor affecting sleep." According to Ou Hai, the manager of the furniture market in Nuoyi, when sleeping, the humidity of the bed is often higher than 60% due to evaporation of sweat, which causes the skin to be stimulated and affects sleep. The climate in the south is damp, and the breathable quilt will give people a sense of comfort. It is best to choose silk quilts and seven holes. In dry and cold areas, good air permeability is not suitable for the human body's requirements for environmental humidity, you may wish to cover a quilt.

Buying guide: a quilt in winter and a quilt in summer, the need for warmth is different for men and women... If you think that careful selection is too much trouble, then "combination is" is the best for you. For example, if the quilt in the IKEA sleep area has the warmth mark enabled, you can choose the quilt of “1+3” warmth, that is, the quilt combination of warmness 1 and warmness 3, and the quilt with two buttons on the quilt. The seasons can be combined and used together, which is a veritable season.