Recently, the site of the Shangguan Yuer’s Tomb was near the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport. The tombs are of a general specification and there are not many buried funerary objects. However, the excavation of one of the epitaphs was exciting, but also the identity of the owner - the famous female politician in the Tang Dynasty Shangguanzhuer. Archeologists are currently cleaning and excavating tombs and it is expected that they will be excavated soon.

Although they failed to see the true meaning of the officials, people have a keen interest in all aspects of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. What are people wearing in ancient times? Is it true that there is already fur in the winter? The answer is yes.


(Shangguanyi children like)

If you trace back the history of fashion, the oldest and historically recorded, should be fur. Since the development of fur, the only constant is the symbol of luxury and wealth that it has always represented. Throughout history, from the initial shaping of fur to modern fashion endorsements, the luxury has never changed. Whether in ancient times or in modern times, it was a powerful proof of the “excellent officer”, and was the darling of noble ladies and aristocrats.

"There is a saying in The Book of Songs and Xiaoya's Persons: 'Everyone is a person, and the fox is yellowish and yellow.' The so-called 'all', Marian in the Qing Dynasty is interpreted as 'Beauty In the capital, the United States and Germany are also known as the capital. The people of all or all, the beauty of Xiuhui Huizhong beauty.'Records are recorded in the literature, in the Spring and Autumn Period, the 'all people' who can wear the fox cubs are not ordinary people. The value of a fox is enough to explain its noble identity."

上官婉儿墓葬被发现联想唐朝服饰文化 古时候人们都穿什么

(Source: Futian 2013 autumn and winter new products)

The habit of fur as its service has existed since ancient times. With the development of history, fur has become a symbol of status, in addition to its function of protecting the cold. During the Qing Dynasty in China, fur had become a royal product of the royal family. Expensive fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship make it a symbol of successful people and become a luxury item for ordinary people.

上官婉儿墓葬被发现联想唐朝服饰文化 古时候人们都穿什么

(Source: Futian 2013 autumn and winter new products)

After being re-interpreted by the world's top designers, the transition from a single-colored fur to a colorful one or stitching with different fabrics has become nature's greatest work of art. It strikes a perfect collision between women's gentleness and rebellion. It blends with nobleness and no traces, making the beauty of women burst into breathtaking light.

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