After introducing the scientific analysis and verification of crystal, let's take a look at the classification of crystals. The classification of crystals is varied and can be roughly divided into three categories:

Crystalline Varieties; crystallizing class

Usually we see a cluster of crystals formed by a number of hexagonal crystal columns (hexagonal crystals), which are CrystallineVarieties crystals, such as white crystal, amethyst, citrine, powder crystal, hair crystal, tiger eye stone. All of them belong to this category.

Crypto crystalline Varieties;

The appearance of cryptocrystalline crystals is a block, not a hexagonal crystal cluster, but they are also hexagonal. However, we can't observe their hexagonal crystals with the naked eye, because the volume of crystals is extremely small, and it is necessary to use a microscope to see the hexagonal open crystal. And this type of crystal is very smooth, because there is a "hydrated silica" between the crystals, and agate belongs to this category.

Special Varieties; special classes

These crystals and general crystals are very large, and it is difficult to classify them as crystals or cryptocrystals. Therefore, they are classified as special types, such as Skeeton Crystal, which is crystallized, and Phantom Crystal, which is a landscape image in the crystal. Phantom Crystal) and so on are summarized as such.

Crystal cause classification

Natural crystal: Natural crystal is formed under natural conditions and grows deep in the earth's crust. It usually undergoes intense crustal movements such as volcanoes and earthquakes. Natural crystals are mineral resources, very rare and precious, and belong to one of the gemstones.

Synthetic crystal: Synthetic crystal is also called a single crystal, also known as synthetic crystal, piezoelectric crystal. Recycled crystal is a process of "simulating the growth process of natural crystals" by hydrothermal crystallization. The natural silicon ore and some chemicals are placed in an autoclave and gradually cultured over 1-3 months (for different crystals). It has the same chemical composition, molecular structure, optical properties, mechanical and electrical properties as natural crystals, and in terms of birefringence and polarization, regenerated crystals are purer and more lustrous than natural crystals. After processing (cutting, grinding, throwing), the particles of various shapes are crystal clear, dazzling, and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Molten crystal: There are many people in the market who call smelting crystals as synthetic crystals. It is inaccurate. It is usually smelted with crystal scrap as raw material under high temperature and high pressure, instead of crystallized, without the crystal characteristics of crystal. So you can't smelt smelting crystals with synthetic crystals; but smelting crystals are resistant to high temperatures, and smelting crystals smelted with high-quality silica can be made into practical products such as crystal cups, baking trays, tea sets, etc. In fact, the crystal of Chairman Mao Zedong, a generation of great men The trick is to use the high quality crystal from the East China Sea.

K9 glass crystal: Some people also call K9 glass synthetic crystal, which is even worse. Although K9 glass is made from silica as the main raw material, 24% lead is added during the melting process. In fact, it is lead glass; why should lead be added? Generally, the glass is blue or green, and it doesn't look like crystal. But after adding lead, the whiteness of the glass is very high. It looks very like crystal. Especially the 24% K9 glass is the most crystal-like, so it is called K9 glass. appropriate.

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