[This site - shoes and life] Recently, netizens "@ idea mobilization" made microblogging, said platform shoes, platform shoes, many women pro-Lai, but wearing long-sleeved shoes will lead to patella softening. Many netizens said that they have heard that the long-term wear of high-heeled spines is not good, flat shoes are easy to wear flat feet, and how loose-padded shoes are also a problem. Wearing shoes can be really tangled. Today, the reporter confirmed this. Experts say that wearing long-sleeved shoes or high-heeled shoes for a long time can easily increase the bearing capacity of the knee joints, thereby increasing the burden on the sacrum, and it is easy to cause cheekbone softening symptoms.

Long-term wearing loose shoes easily leads to patella softening

Recently, netizens “@Principal Mobilization” made a Weibo comment that platform shoes, ie platform shoes, are as high as the front and rear heels, and many beauty-conscious women think that wearing it can not only “pad” a tall figure, but also make it easier to walk. As a place to stay. However, if long-sleeved shoes are worn for a long time, it will not only cause sprained feet, resulting in fractures, but will also cause the age of osteoarthritis to occur earlier, resulting in softening of the cheekbones.

The netizen "@yoga2046" said: "Plastic shoes, for the first time, it feels very comfortable to step on it, and it immediately feels like a long straight back, but it will feel back pain when worn for a long time." Then there are netizens who added that this shoe looks It's better to wear than high-heeled shoes, but it's just as agonizing and sometimes twisting. Therefore, some netizens used platform shoes and other high-heeled shoes as "death shoes." This caused the dissatisfaction of users who like to wear platform shoes. Platform shoes are designed for those of us who don't wear high-heeled shoes. We can't talk about it in general, and it should be different from person to person.

In response, most citizens have said that they all have one or two pairs of loose-padded shoes but don't wear them often. As to whether the long-term wear will lead to cheekbone softening, most citizens said they did not know it.

Reporters certify that most citizens and businesses have no knowledge of this

Platform shoes, this once-famous shoe that was used in the 70s of the last century, has returned to fashion circles once again because of a nostalgic style in recent years, and has become the trend of choice. This new type of high-heeled shoes is called a platform shoe because it is rather like a sponge cake.

Today, the reporter visited a large mall near Chunxi Road. One of the salespersons of the platform shoes counter stated that because many women do not like to wear high-heeled shoes, after wearing platform shoes, they feel that the front and rear soles are the same, and they don’t feel tired when wearing them. And the height of the sole is enough, at least it can increase about four or five centimeters, and it looks like a leg. So it is very popular with female consumers. As for the wearing of platform shoes, which will cause the cheekbones to soften, the salesman said: "I have not heard of it."

Subsequently, the reporter opened the Taobao website, entered the "pumpling shoes" keyword, immediately pop-up different types of platform shoes product page, hundreds of styles instantly dazzling. The price of shoes is as low as tens of thousands, and there are as many as 1,000 yuan. Rough statistics show that the sales price is the best in the period of 20~200, but the material is mostly artificial leather or canvas. In general, the platform shoes with a height of 3~5cm and the high-heeled platform shoes reach a height of 6~8cm.

Experts Say Increased Humeral Burden Causes Tibial Softening

As to whether long-term wearing platform shoes will cause cheekbone softening, Duan Hua, deputy director of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, said: “If you wear platform shoes or high-heeled shoes for a long time, you can easily increase the bearing capacity of the knee and increase the burden on the cheekbone. It is indeed easy. Causes softening of the cheekbones."

The sacrum is also known as the patella. Patellar softening refers to the degradation and degeneration of the sacral cartilage due to abrasion and trauma. It is usually expressed as pain in front of the knee and the knee pain becomes stronger when going up and down the stairs.

Tibial osteomalacia is a common joint disease, and it is more common in middle-aged and elderly people. Duan Hua introduced that due to the usual carelessness of the protection and the burden on the shin bones, young people can easily develop symptoms of cheekbones. "Long-term wearing platform shoes or high-heeled shoes can easily increase the burden on the foot and cause foot arch inflammation. Because of changes in the center of gravity, it can easily lead to bone hyperplasia and other symptoms."

Women have less exercise and weak thigh muscles. Sudden intense exercise can easily cause patella abrasion. Duan Hua said that especially in autumn and winter, women wear stockings and their knees are extremely easy to catch cold. People who sat for work all year round, because the leg is bent for a long time, the knee can not be well protected, but also susceptible to patella osteomalacia.

Duan Hua suggested that wearing loose-shoe shoes, high-heeled shoes, etc., and the heel should be 2.5 cm. At this time, the foot is in a completely relaxed state, which is conducive to the growth of the knee joint. In general, exercise should be strengthened to develop a good habit of foot-drying every day. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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