Many hardworking housewives have the habit of drying quilts, especially the warm sun in the winter, which makes people feel the urge to spread the quilt in the sun. But most people make mistakes in some self-righteous habits. Pay attention to the following points when drying the quilt:
1. The drying time is too long, the frequency is too frequent, and the winter sunshine time is short, so it will give people the feeling of “sunshine rare”. So many people like to move the quilt to the terrace after getting up on the weekend, and then return it until sunset in the evening. In fact, the best drying time is from 11 noon to 2 pm. Usually, cotton fiber will reach a certain degree of swelling after being exposed to sunlight for three or four hours. It has received a good drying effect, and the drying time is too long. Too much will cause the cotton fiber to shorten and cause it to fall off, and the warmth of the quilt will be greatly reduced. Especially duvets and wool quilts, because they contain oil in their materials. After exposure, these substances will chemically change and produce odor. When the silk is exposed, it will destroy the protein components in the material, causing discoloration and cracking. Simply dry in a dry, ventilated place for one to two hours.
2. The outside of the quilt is usually not mentioned. When drying, it is best to be inside the sun, to protect the material of the face, and to let the direct contact with the sun to receive the best drying effect. If you consider that there are too many dusts, you are used to facing the outside. You should cover the surface with a thin cloth to protect the quilt, especially the chemical fiber fabric, from being burnt at high temperatures.
3. After drying, it is always thought that the quilt that has been laid outdoors for a long time must be clean and fluffy. But do you know? The fiber of cotton is thick and short, and it is very easy to break. If you beat it with a stick, it will break the fiber into dusty cotton dust. The quilt made of synthetic fiber is thin and easy. Deformation, once beaten, the fiber shrinkage plate can not be restored after it is formed into a block; the duvet can not be beaten, otherwise the down will break into a small "feather dust", and the warmth effect will be affected. For hygiene reasons, you can safely take back your home with a broom sweeping the dust on the quilt.
Maintenance and buy a good quilt and use the method to maintain, in order to extend the life of the quilt, to ensure that the quality of the quilt is not damaged, to achieve its use value.
The maintenance mentioned here is mainly about washing and the collection method after the winter. Because the quilt usually has pure cotton, polyester cotton, fiber, silk, acrylic, down, and wool, it is necessary to choose different methods according to different materials.
1. Cotton and acrylic are well ventilated by pure cotton fabrics. In terms of the density of knitting, there are 200 needles, 250 needles, 280 needles and 320 needles. The denser the needles, the better the quality. Polyester/cotton refers to the blend of polyester and cotton. If “polyester” is written in the front, it means that the content of polyester in the product is greater than cotton; otherwise, the content of cotton is greater than that of polyester; if the product contains 50% polyester and 50% Cotton, generally marked with the word TC. Quilts, acrylic quilts do not need to be over-maintained, often dry. Acrylic quilts can be machine washed and cleaned once in the winter to prevent bacterial growth. If there are conditions, it is best to use the quilt for two or three years to loosen the old smear of the knot, so as not to affect the warmth.
2. Down, wool is duvet and wool must be dry cleaned, and can not be directly exposed to the sun. It is recommended that you choose dry weather, quilt the quilt in a well ventilated place without direct sunlight, the time is controlled in about 1 hour It can achieve the effect of sterilization and dehumidification.
3. The fiber can be directly put into the washing machine for washing, or hand-washed with cold water, but care should be taken not to use the washing powder to re-clean, use detergent, and the washing time should not be too long, half an hour is better. The washed fiber will not be deformed, but remember to dry it thoroughly, otherwise it will affect its service life.
4. Silk is woven by silky quilt, soft and comfortable, even in winter. Can not be washed, usually put on the balcony to lightly achieve the effect of deodorization, disinfection, but remember not to expose to the sun, drying for about an hour is appropriate.
In addition, silk quilts, silk quilts and duvets must be avoided in direct contact with sharp hard objects.
The cold air has also followed the progress of time, and the home textile bedding products have entered the season of handover. Whether it is the last season bedding that will be stored soon, or the bedding products that will be reused this season, it needs to be well maintained to continue its service life. Good use of warm skin care and other effects.

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