From September 15 to 18, i-baby, two big baby brands under the Group III, join hands with Lilly & Charlie to participate in "Cologne International Children's Products Fair 2011". This is the first time that two major brands overseas exhibitors, marking the internationalization of the brand has been getting better. It is understood that i-baby and Lilly & Charlie as the same group of baby brands have their own different brand positioning and market positioning, not only will not compete with each other, but by the layout in the field of subdivision effectively to seize market share. i-baby brand positioning high-end, adhering to the "let the next generation noble growth" concept to become China's first high-end baby terminal as the goal, a comprehensive proxy world-class high-end baby brand, launched the " Under the jurisdiction of the i-baby world famous children's car sink, Tong bed sink, children's wear Department of the three terminal formats, including Stokke, Bloom, Silver Cross, iCandy, 4moms, including many well-known global brands have become i-baby long-term cooperation partner. Lilly & Charlie brand is more focused on the development of children's products, outdoor and travel products, including toys, game pad, outdoor bag, trolley, etc., is committed to thinking through the full of whimsy, unique children's products, to Meet children's play and travel needs. Founded in 1960, the Koelnmesse is recognized as "the world's kaleidoscope of children's products", from clothing to furniture, from baby seats to toiletries, where all child-related products can be found at the show. The last Cologne exhibition area of ​​80,000 square meters, a total of 4173 exhibitors from 41 countries exhibitors from 90 countries, 16,100 visitors to visit.

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