Aromatherapy candle fragrance 沁 space Experience the taste of happiness The ancients have the interest of burning incense. Elegant literary people are willing to burn incense and read books. They have good taste and dedication to cultivate their character. Westerners prefer the fragrance of the bathroom and can relax and undergo aromatherapy. Modern urban people also have their own favorite taste. A few scented candles, sprayed with some scented sprays, bring more than just aroma, but also a happy taste.

Floral mixed natural taste Recommended space: Close to the balcony or top terrace is the greatest hope of modern people, and the balcony and terrace are the most intimate places in the home. Natural outdoor wooden floors, green plants, beautiful table linens, and comfortable chairs make the entire balcony incomparable to other spaces.

When the weather is fine, move the restaurant outside, smell the flowers on the dining table outside, smell the sun, and add fragrant food. Life can be so beautiful. Or, on a summer night, you can light a scented candlestick. With the light of candlelight, the scent is burning, giving the home a fresh scent. Southeast Asia's enthusiasm and flowers are about to bloom, and enjoy the romance of the night under the stars.

Natural and distant mood of Zen Buddhism Recommended space: The Zen-style living room space design is based on natural ecological logs and rattan. On the wooden floor in the living room, the short coffee table echoes with it. At the same time, the background wall of the living room also uses bamboo weaving curtains to highlight its natural and distant atmosphere. The straight style and simple color of the sofa all highlight the simplicity of Zen and bring people closer to nature.

An elegant incense burner was placed and an agarwood was buried. When it was lit, the history of the incense wood was revealed. In the incense mist, “the paintings can reach the realm of God in the fragrant mist; painting, also in the incense fog. Between the Chinese and the Chinese, it seems to be something like it is not like. It is expressive and can express oneself." This is also the preference of Qi Baishi when painting.

Candle incense exterminates a day's exhaustion Recommended space: Toilets in the small apartment space, the importance of the fragrance is more easily overlooked, many people's ideas is that the place is small, but also to squeeze out the space to give aroma or candle, it is a waste . In actuality, a simple candle, a scent that is devoid of taste, instantly purifies the crowded mind, and realizes the ethereal and ethereal realm. The crowded bathroom seems to have infinite stretching space.

Just the simple shape of the candle, with the sour taste of the apple pie, the end of the incense and the taste of cinnamon, make people feel a trace of sweet and relaxed. After a busy day's work, when we are tired and wash away, scented scented candles are used to make every cell of the body fully stretched, and the tiredness of the day is lost in the fragrance of the fruit and the aroma of the fragrance. .

Woody enjoys unlimited poetry Recommended space: bedroom bedroom space can use some scented furniture, such as sandalwood bed or beech big box, in order to improve the overall environment of the bedroom. In addition to flowers, the incense essential oils are used more in the bedroom because many essential oils have a soothing or relaxing effect and can promote sleep better. Fruit also has a good effect, especially cut fruits, which can make the bedroom more relaxed.

In a romantic bedroom, the romantic, soothing atmosphere is only half the battle. It's worth noting that bedding is also important. Bedding is the easiest feminine object in all home accessories. The large and small flower branches bloom in the bed. The scent of fragrance and dazzling colors can make people feel the common charm of flowers and flowers.

Reminder: Allergies are used with caution Fragrances Some plants have a strong aroma that may cause adverse reactions in people with allergies. People with allergies should not place such plants in their bedrooms. For example, rose can absorb a large number of harmful gases, but its rich flavor, but also make people feel discomfort, suffocation, severe and even breathing difficulties. The tulip flower contains a kind of poisonous alkali. If the contact is too long, it will speed up the hair loss; the smell of lilies will cause the central nervous system to over-excite and cause insomnia.


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