The reason why nude color is popular, half because of TA Ruoyouruowu presence, and skin color is close to the thin and transparent, inadvertently reveal the sexy charm, TA is even called: "no aggressive color" .


The other half is because of the sexy momentum generated by this lightness and nihility, more fresh than black, more than the direct naked clever, is full of pretty youthful sexy, known as the new black (Nude is the new black.) Let the fashion circle was born Such a new quote, and qualify with the black par, nude color system's position is evident.

MAXIGO  幻化的色彩·裸色

MAXIGO  幻化的色彩·裸色

On the fashion index, nude color is indeed around the way out, and forever fashion color "black", nude color is also suitable to be used to create the basic models.

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