The rapid development of Hailan House attracts wide attention from the society. The most popular "Top Ten Brands" of young people in Jiangsu Province, the famous brand products of Jiangsu Province and China Well-known Trademark come forth one after another. It is reported that by the end of 2013, the number of stores in Heilan Home is expected to reach 2,800, and the estimated total retail sales will reach 12 billion in the whole year. According to Heilan House official said, Heilan House will join more franchisees, strongly expand the market, sounded the horn to launch a comprehensive attack on the national market. Believe in the near future, Heilan House will be a whole new look in front of the world. While doing a good job of products, Hailan home also attaches great importance to the brand image, has hired well-known Hong Kong show host Wu Dawei, film and television star Indian small day, famous movie star Du Chun image spokesman, and through the strong media advertising, each year Participate in the China International Fashion Fair and other major exhibitions to promote the Hailan home brand. In the store's expansion, Heilan House will be "prime locations, diamond shops" as a site "character." In many cities in China, Hailan House has become one of the preferred brands introduced by many governments to improve the quality of local commercial pedestrian streets. Like McDonald's and KFC, Hailan House has become a commercial highlight in these cities.

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