Like jade, it is important to play the process, the process of raising jade is actually the process of polishing jade. How to polish jade? What steps do you need to make for the manual polishing of jade? Let's get to know it.

Jade manual polishing method

The first step: the paste, the surface of the carved jade is coated with a paste of polishing powder, the green is chrome oxide orange red is yttrium oxide.

The second step: push grinding, grinding the surface with a two thousand purpose grinding wheel.

The third step: repeat the first two steps, generally repeat twice.

Step 4: Apply the diamond powder to the surface of the jade and use a hard brush to throw it.

Step 5: Fine work, start to throw away small places that big tools can't throw. Use bamboo, dip diamond powder, use bamboo chopsticks bigger, use bamboo toothpicks in small places.

The sixth step: fine polishing, the jade is coated with diamond powder and then polished with hard skin. Most of the domestic use of cowhide, Myanmar mostly uses elephant skin. The jade is thrown away, but there are still a few finishing touches to be done.

Step 7: Cleaning, the purpose is to clean the polishing powder remaining on the polished jade. It is mainly cleaned with an ultrasonic machine, and rubbed with alcohol.

Step 8: On the wax, the protection of the surface of the jadeite product can be washed off with boiling water.

The next step is to blow dry, and a beautiful emerald will meet with you. Each of the above steps must be carefully operated to make the jade better. I hope the above introduction can help you.

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