"Rain" has passed, the temperature is slowly picking up, will usher in the peach blossoming, flowers blooming spring. At this time, faded thick winter clothes, light spring once again set off a wave of fashion craze, love beautiful, fashion-loving girls can "flamboyant" shine on the streets.

帛可 - dotacoko

Figure: silk can - dotacoko women's spring 2014 new

The color of the powder seems to be competing with the peach, but I do not know whether the flower is silhouetted against the clothes, or clothes embellished with flowers ... this season dotacoko uses a large area of ​​pure pink dress out of the spring fashion Aspect.


Figure: silk can-dolotoko women's spring 2014 new

Every girl has a white plot! dotacoko this season under the designer's hand give white different vitality. Abandon the exaggerated color to return to the original tone, with the most direct passion and the most pure beauty, interpretation of the ultimate purity of the United States!


Figure: silk can-dolotoko women's spring 2014 new

Handsome and elegant black and white hit the color so that you see a different one! Whether it is black dress white trim, or white small suit black fight, Hepburn's elegant, handsome British, always get just right.

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