Jade is not cut, not a device. When we evaluate the value of jade, we should start from the two aspects of jade and engraving, and we must see whether the jade process plays a positive or negative role in the value of jade. If the jade process is very poor, it will reduce or even scrap. The value of the original jade material. The advantages and disadvantages of jade materials, the complexity of the production process and the fineness of the fineness, as well as the artistic charm of the styling and the popularity of the producers are all important factors in evaluating modern jade. Because these factors account for different proportions of value in jade, jade forms two large types of value - common commodities and collections, and four small categories: jade articles for ordinary commodities, jade articles for jade quality, and fine crafts. Jade articles and jade articles of fine art. Each of the four small categories can also be divided into several grades. The relative rarity and durability of jade materials allow jade articles to be handed down, but the value is different. Unlike some works of art with or without preservation value, it is worth noting that it is worthy of being passed down.

Jade articles of common commodities are common types in the jade market. The relative quantity is large and the variety is large. The jade quality is generally poor and the process value is low. Due to the economic benefits, the jade industry has formed a tradition of “good jade with good work”, so the production process of common jade articles is generally not too fine. The jade value of jade is compared with the value of craftsmanship. Relatively speaking, the value of jade should be valued. This is the reason why the so-called "buy jade does not buy workers" in the industry.


Whether it is the fluency of the lines or the shape of the characters is good, but because this is made by the stamping process, the production cost is much lower than that of the manual tanning, so the value is relatively low. Ordinary commodity jade is used by the general public to wear and play. Although it can last for a long time, it is not too high because of various value factors. Generally, there is no value-added effect. Only those who have a certain eyesight and collection consciousness can occasionally find one or two things with a little collectible value.

10 years ago, Hetian Baiyu was the size of a forefinger. The color of the material was fine, the color was moist, and the jade was excellent. After being carved into a strawberry pendant, it was inadvertently appreciated by a hundred times. If it is a white fat, it will appreciate. More than double.

The collection of jade jade articles refers to jade articles made of gem-quality or high-grade jade. Because of the rareness of jade materials, some of them are precious enough to make people fascinated and form a high price. The craft value of this kind of jade is often neglected compared with the value of jade material. This is the real meaning of "buy jade not to buy workers." Although the craft value of this type of jade is generally not dominant in the total value, the process is relatively in place, and there is basically no rough work. There are two kinds of popular jade on the market today. It is a typical representative of it: one is the one that can be held by one hand and the other is the same as the nostril hole on the white jade material. The other is the Zigang brand jade, called “Peaceful and Nothing”, and the surface of the brand has no grain, which is also used to highlight the beauty of jade.

Jade is a work of art. Even if it is a jade with practical functions, it is still based on appreciation of art and function. If not, why choose a jade material with high value and difficulty in making it? Therefore, the strength of artistic appeal is not only a criterion for distinguishing whether it is an art jade, but also a basis for judging the value of jade. For the performance of jade art, the material of jade has no distinction between good and bad, only the appropriateness and ingenuity of the appraisal. The fine jade material will add a lot of color to the jade. If it is a jade with good quality, it is worth a lot. The production technique is only a means of expressing artistic creativity, and it is not intended to show the fine craftsmanship, as long as the lines are smooth and natural, and the image is in place. If it is not the need of artistic styling, it is impractical to add some ornamentation to the snake.

The collection of fine art jade articles refers to jade articles with artistic value as the main value, and is a wonderful flower in the art garden. This kind of craftsmanship jade, which is carefully crafted and is very rare, is a jade craft that is skillful and difficult to produce. It is so difficult to make craftsmanship and complexity of craftsmanship. The core of the value of jade. These jade articles are the masterpieces of the jade carving masters, and their value is immeasurable.

Some jade celebrities can be designed with the shape of the system, simple workmanship, fully demonstrate the beauty of the jade of Hetian Baiyu. Jade can not only fully display the beauty of jade, but also show good craftsmanship and artistic value. The texture of this type of jade is generally above the mid-range, otherwise the producer will not invest such a large amount of work, so the jade value of such jade is often an important part of the value of jade.

Some jade carving masters can use high-grade jade materials to produce high-end art jade, and the skill of carving and craftsmanship is often amazing. It is impossible to achieve without high artistic accomplishment.

In evaluating the basic value of jade, we must also pay attention to the following issues:

1. The jade type and the type of jade carving theme and the popularity of the subject matter have an impact on the value.

The types of jade articles are divided into utensils, mountains, ornaments, screens, stationery, practical appliances, pendants, play pieces, beaded jewelry, and so on. Generally, the utensils have a large amount of materials, are time-consuming, and are difficult to manufacture, and thus have a large value. The theme of jade is divided into characters, animals, flowers, birds, fish, and landscapes. Since the image of the person is the most familiar to everyone, Xiao and Xiaoxiao are clear at a glance, and there is a recognized evaluation standard for ugly and tall and fat. It is not easy to express the inner feelings of the characters, and the love of the seven characters is so easy. Particularly high.

2. Nowadays, people are very much in pursuit of the works of jade carving masters. Any jade with the title of jade carving master will have a much higher price than no signature.

Most of the jade carving masters cherish their honorary titles and do their best to treat each piece of work. Even if they are practised by their disciples, they are always keeping an eye on the guidance, which not only ensures the quality of the works, but also cultivates talents. I will never launch mediocre works. However, there are also some individuals who either excessively pursue economic benefits, or neglect their guidance to disciples, and sometimes push mediocrity to the market, which has a negative impact on their reputation. Even jade articles that the jade carving master personally manipulated, for various reasons, occasionally there will be ordinary works and make them into the market. Therefore, even the jade works with the name of the jade carving masters should be evaluated according to the actual situation of the works, so that they do not overestimate the works of those who have no name, but do not devalue the jade carvings and low-key people. Excellent work.

3. Pay attention to the authenticity of the jade material and the authenticity of the material.

Any artificial landscaping treatment of jade material will basically cause certain damage to the material, or the effect of beautification will be difficult to last, thus reducing the durability of jade articles and the use value of jade, thus causing its quality to be false. At present, there are more, one is the use of nephrite dyeing materials counterfeit and Tianzi jade, this situation is more common, and even in some award-winning works are often seen. Most of these dyed dyes faded or faded after seven or eight years, losing the original appearance and destroying the preciousness of the jade. The second is the jade jade that is reinforced by acid-base dissolution, dissolved in impurities and then filled with gelatinous materials. This kind of jade material has been seriously damaged, and the jade will become unrecognizable after the aging of the filled gelatinous substance. The authenticity and grade of jade are directly related to the true value of jade, and the value difference between authenticity and falsehood. If you do not clear these, it is difficult to correctly evaluate the value of jade.

4. Do not ignore the integrity of the jade.

The main part of a jade must be made of the same piece of jade material, without splicing, pasting and inlaying (except for metal brackets and main parts). For example, in order to save materials, a small part of the cabbage root is often made of another piece of jade. Another thing is that because the jade material is not big enough, or it is broken during the production, another piece of similar material is selected and glued to make it again, and it is difficult to find it by trying to hide the bond. Since the pasted part is easy to peel off, it should be said that it is a scrap or imitation, which is much lower than the value of using the same jade. If a precious metal decoration is found on a high-grade bracelet or other strip jade, you should carefully identify whether there are any breaks or other flaws in the package.

5. Finally, it should be emphasized that the market value of jade is a dynamic, often changing with the period, region, economic environment, market level, different regional styles of jade and different preferences of the different people. The same piece of jade is often evaluated differently between different periods, different regions and different jade hobby people.

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