As of January 26, 2012 US export sales this week: Raw hides and furs: net sales of 367,300, delivered in 2012. There were 366,600 pieces of leather, mainly sold to China (174,900 pieces, including 2,400 pieces and 15,500 pieces from South Korea), South Korea (124,800 pieces), Mexico (31, 300), Vietnam (9,900) and Hong Kong (8,300).

Shipments of 544,900 were up 6% from the previous week. The total volume of leather exports was 540,900, mainly sold to China (304,900), South Korea (134,900), Taiwan (27,600), Mexico (20,800), Hong Kong (15 , 700) and Thailand (14,500).

There were 161,200 net wet blue skins sold in 2012, mainly sold to Italy (65,900 unsplit skins), China (46,300 unsplit skins), and Dominican Republic (9,200 tablets). Face peels and 4,900 unsplit skins and Mexico (11,700 grain splits and 100 unsplit skins).

The shipment of raw hides was 148,200 pieces, mainly sold to China (55,700 unsplit and 4,400 grain splits), Mexico (22,400 grain splits and 2, 100 non-split skins and Italy (16,200 non-split skins).

The net sales of dissected skins totaled 870,400 pounds, which were mainly sold to South Korea (1,637,90 pounds) and Hong Kong (48,600 pounds). According to reports, the reductions are for Taiwan (900 pounds) and China (900 pounds).

Shipments of 605,900 pounds were mainly sent to South Korea (374,800 pounds), China (131,100 pounds) and Hong Kong (100,000 pounds).

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