Clothing color is important to bring people a sense of fashion labels, how to mix a young beautiful feeling, is a mix of knowledge, the occasion of Valentine's Day, girls learn how color matching color, Philippines Hoon Feith women to teach you , Feixunfeisi move spring color, so representative of the beautiful colors of spring show up, so you truly feel the vitality of life!


Red is a symbol of life, vitality, health, passion, vitality, joy, wear red clothing, can bring young and energetic, passionate, positive and progressive feeling, and the classic black and white, is a lasting fashion trend.

菲勋·菲斯舞动春之色  教您色彩搭配

Blue, it is the most calm color, very pure, can bring people a beautiful, calm, sensible feeling. Black stripes between the blue design, with the elegant Nordic style, full of femininity, gives a smart and capable feeling.

菲勋·菲斯舞动春之色  教您色彩搭配

Pink is the representative of youth, romance, sweet, wearing elegant clothing, elegant temperament, the female intellectual, soft side exposed. The pink and white together, dignified yet playful cute.

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