Afasia Group was founded in 1973. After nearly 40 years of experience, Afasia Group has become a leader in the world's fashion industry and is well known in the knitwear industry. The Asia-Africa Group uses Asia and Africa as its production bases and Europe as its sales base. Its sales network spans Europe, Northern Europe, and Southern Europe, and transmits North and South America. The business covers textiles, textiles, textiles, import, export, wholesale, and retail. , With an international brand vision and front-line fashion information. After an in-depth understanding and examination, the company introduced BRIOLETTE, a French high-end women's fashion brand, to China to develop self-employed and agency networks throughout the country.

The BRIOLETTE2012 Autumn/Winter Press Conference was held on April 14-16, 2012 at the Hidden Hill Residence Hotel in Longgang District, Shenzhen. You are invited to visit and instruct!

Brand story The name BRIOLETTE was inspired by a subversive diamond cutting technique. Diamonds are noble and long-lasting, but the beauty and value of diamonds depends entirely on how the craftsman cuts them; BRIOLETTE cutting techniques are different from traditions, taking advantage of the three-dimensional concept, making full use of every angle of the diamond, delicately cutting diamonds It was founded in a perfect shape that was dripping in water and bright and dazzling. Therefore, after it was introduced to Europe in the 17th century, it immediately shocked the entire jewellery industry and the ladies of high society. Born in France, BRIOLETTE fashion brand is deeply driven by the concept of this artistry. It dares to innovate and pursue perfection into the design. Through three-dimensional design and three-dimensional tailoring, every part of the clothing is carefully crafted to fully demonstrate women's different levels and perspectives. The gracefulness of each woman wearing BRIOLETTE fashion is like a diamond, from any point of view are bright and shining.
product style
The BRIOLETTE brand values ​​originality, pursues uniqueness, innovation, and focuses on creating three-dimensionality, focusing on color and tailoring changes, but keeping it simple and unconventionally revealing the beauty of various women in fashion and elegance.
Customer positioning
Independent and independent? Pay attention to the individuality? Pursue the beauty? Pay attention to personal taste? Fashion lady who does not want to follow the tide
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