[China Glass Network] It is difficult to run a business, it is difficult to do business, it is more difficult to maintain business, it is difficult to deal with business, and it is difficult to be a salesman, salesman or marketer.

More sweet and sour, less joyful and joyful, more and more cool and less recognized, not understood, often rejected, why is this?

The proliferation of manufacturers and over-brands are the key factors. The upgrading of market competition is the main factor. Brand awareness is an important factor in enhancing consumption tends to be rational.

Such a serious objective fact, the salesman can not change the big environment, only actively change their own pursuit of change, change subjective factors to adapt to objective factors, and transform the world by transforming themselves.

To do business first, we must know ourselves and know each other, we can do more with less, understand the needs of customers, understand market trends, understand customer needs, and master the key needs of prospective customers.

Understand what kind of brand customers need, when to adjust the brand, when to change the brand, when to eliminate the old brand, when to introduce new brands, and to understand the regularity of customer changes. Master the important information of change, and move quickly in time.

What kind of brand customers need, the door is very necessary for the theory, the weak brand operation advantage store can only rely on the opportunity, if the advantage brand is married, if the shop is incompetent, it is a last resort, how can the brand that is not warm and how to master the advance and retreat Tao, how the brand is not bad, how to make a new tree, test the wisdom and ability of the salesman.

The secret and key top secret is also the principle of business transaction, find the entry point of business, find business breakthrough point, how to approach the store, how to approach the boss, how to find the place of interest of the boss, let the boss give the opportunity to meet, this is the business transaction. The starting point.

Dealing tips: big stores need special brands, or concept brands, big stores have more concentrated brands, dominant brands play the leading role, the store's environment is not pinned, the store has been overwhelmed by the dominant brands, no time to take into account the popular brand More attention to the third and fourth line brands.

The shop owner heard no strength, no fame, no characteristics, no concept of the brand, immediately refused, simply did not give the opportunity to meet, see the boss no longer have the ability to display, big store on the characteristics of the brand and concept brand interest.

The secret of the transaction: chain stores need core profit brands, more and more stores, fixed costs and management costs are getting higher and higher, stores also need greater customer resource benefits, in addition, Watsons has many private brands, so dare to be in prime locations Leasing shops, chain stores are actively introducing, quality, packaging, and price of the market and the brand.

Secrets of the transaction: Intermediate stores need superior brands, need well-known brands, stores need to seek breakthroughs, and need to be driven by advantageous brands, so if the dominant brands enter the intermediate stores, it is relatively easy.

The secret of the transaction: small shops need good brands, small shops want to climb the dragon with the phoenix, small shops are very interested in the dominant brands, as long as the conditions are not very harsh, small shops can be sold immediately.

Dealing tips: Know when the store changes brand. Normally, the store will adjust and change the brand in the spring. The brand to be eliminated will be digested by the winter season. Spring is the beginning of the year. Shops need to input fresh blood and introduce new vitality. Spring, February, March and April is the prime time to develop new customers.

Sudden changes, many advantageous brands, have already made the advantage of big stores resentful. If there is a contradiction between the store and the big brand, seize the opportunity to respond quickly, it is likely to be successful.

The secret of the transaction: understanding the operation of the brand, some brands have very poor reputation, some agencies do not credibility, the store owner has a lot of opinions, some brands have certain opinions, even if there is a suitable brand, it will soon Replace it. The salesperson should collect information whenever and wherever possible, and master the information to do business.

Many shop owners have big brands, big agents, sometimes salesmen go to the store, and the boss is smashed with blood. It is also a common thing.

Marketers should look at the six roads, listen to the eight parties, pay more attention to collecting such information, pay more attention when visiting customers, pay more attention when eating with customers, attend the attention of the party, collect information whenever and wherever, and how fast when doing business. Good province fast turnover.

The secret of the transaction: pay more attention to the new shop, see the newly renovated facade house to ask, and encounter a new turn in the newly developed community. See the newly completed commercial street to take a turn, pay attention to it. The notebooks are on the record, these places are new growth points, and need to be regularly reviewed, so that you can quickly make business.

Secrets of the deal: Going to a market, going to a city, you need to have enough patience, you need strong determination, go through the streets of the city, look at the new old city of the city, don't let go of an area, don't miss any doubts, Rather than rejecting all the stores, and never letting go of any potential customers, I believe that the next customer is a prospective customer.

Dealing tips: train more prospective customers, maintain a market, make a group of friends, and the vast majority of shop owners, become good brothers iron buddies, this will help the business of the transaction, the customer is willing to associate with you, give you the opportunity, if It is an unfamiliar customer, can't see anyone, see people don't talk to you, no phone can't contact, find the phone and don't pick up the strange phone, answer the phone and refuse immediately, the business can't be dealt.

It is worthwhile to cooperate with the store, do you have to do a good job in advance, often go and take a look, take a seat in the Chinese New Year, send a message, send gifts and sincere exchanges, so that you can move forward and backward, and the business can be logical.

The secret of the transaction: people-oriented, seeking things in people, social networks, and social networks. If there is a lack of contacts, then doing business will be exhausting.

The secret of the transaction, using the brand's commando team, the small office to start the business, many salesmen are always lengthy, let the boss fully understand, so time-consuming and laborious, especially the new business is difficult to deal, can be small items, gold special items, advantage list Products and kits, such as the price of the water, the quality and price of the advantage of cucumber water, etc., can be used as a starting point for business.

As a business, we must adhere to the principle of four diligence and one heat, run hard, run business and run business. If you don't run, there is no business. It is difficult for customers to find a door to do business. Eyesight, more observation, more attention, more reading and more learning. Mastering professional knowledge, in order to be competent in work, to communicate more with people, to be sweeter, to call more people, to be diligent, to help the store to do some actual work together, good fortune, good business, smooth, treat people Enthusiasm, help potential customers do something they can, and today's pay will pay off sooner or later.

Smooth transaction business, but also pay attention to different people, the bosses of large stores focus on brand strength, marketing ideas and marketing models, big stores value the long-term development of the brand.

The boss of the chain store focused on the greater benefits of customer resources, expounded the experience model of the international chain, and guided the boss to move in the direction of his own design.

When encountering a male boss, it is necessary to highlight the brand's driving force, highlight the brand's characteristics and advantages, dispel the boss's concerns and worries, and meet female bosses to highlight space interests and vested interests, especially vested interests.

Mastering marketing secrets is just a way. The salesman should sum up his own secrets and constantly improve and innovate, which is the real secret of business progress and improvement.

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