In 2012, Xiao Fenglong children's clothing products are mainly divided into four categories: Jungle Adventure, Fenglong Paradise, Fashion Party and Home Allegro, among which Fenglong Club's products are loaded with Xiaofeng Dragon culture As the core design elements, the meaning of totem, but also to open a new era of small dragon logo brand. Small Fenglong children's wear fashion show Small Fenglong children's wear since 2000 to open the first counter to 2012 almost 12 years, from the dragon baby to the dragons growth, from dragons to cool play elves Dragon Family's growth, which Records a lot of Feng-lung story, the changing times and clothing trends, the arrival of a new Dragon, Xiao-Feng Long, as always, to create comfortable and simple trend of children's clothing, not only a new leap forward, But also to the small dragon "beauty of a child, the United States tomorrow," the concept of culture will be inherited forever ... ... Little Fenglong children's fashion show small Fenglong "from the English" PHENOM ", the Chinese meaning" extraordinary person, "means the Succeed Parents want to nurture children into "extraordinary people" and become the pillars of the country. Products "PHENOM" as a trademark, the dragons represent the image, the dragon represents the Chinese nation and the dragons are the new hope of the Chinese nation Generation. Small Feng Long concise, stylish, chic, publicity designed for 4-14 year-old children, children provide multiple choices.

       product category: Endless Sling, using UHMWPE as raw material, its fiber strength is 3-4 times as high as polyester fiber, UV resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, small volume, light weight, non-conductive, UHMWPE endless sling is an ideal substitute for wire rope sling. For mechanical processing, port loading and unloading, marine engineering, shipping, transportation, aerospace and other fields of lifting, traction, binding, fixation and other operations. Our company is China more dedicated UHMWPE endless sling R & D, production and wholesaler manufacturers, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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