Popular female star Yang Mi endorsement by the meter slave (eminu) casual wear brand. Recently, Yang Mi shot by the Milan slave (eminu) 2012 spring and summer new women's series of ads. Yang Mi lively and lovely image with the image of eminu (eminu) perfect blend of the image. February sweet lover season, the power of warm power to send, with the mei Nuo as a Valentine's Day gift, but a good choice oh!

依米奴 - EMINU



In the casual wear sector, eminu was the first brand to launch an international entertainment celebrity endorsement image. With the promotion of business operations at various levels, the market network can be quickly rolled out; various brands have followed suit and become a hot topic in the industry.

According to the positioning of eminu in the leisure field, taking the popular line as the main consumer group for urban young men and women, it laid a solid foundation for "entertainment marketing."

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