When modern youth suffer from uniforms restraining their sharp personality, the market clothing can not meet its independent publicity personality, 鎏 Hengshui juvenile brand portrait was launched, a strong interpretation of juvenile wear brand, to lead the contemporary young people show their personality, the pursuit of fashion. Independent, beyond the self-鎏 Constant young children wear brand new style.鎏 Hengshui juvenile wear brand full service in the age of 7-16 teenagers, the modern fashion of the juvenile culture and highlight the concept of refined clothing fully dissolved in the form, fabrics and colors into a teenager pilot. Its product structure is rich, exquisite and meticulous, the series sense of strong, can solve the troubles of teenagers dress, fully meet the needs of juvenile dress.鎏 Hengshui juvenile wear brand also introduced 110-130 series of products to enrich its product structure. Based on the profound understanding of the East and West Teenager Costume culture and the keen insight of the international trend of information, the spirit of "quality of life, the brand is the soul," the purpose of 鎏 Hengshui juvenile clothing brand strive to become China's first juvenile wear brand! Let "Yong constant color juvenile" to lead the young family incisively and vividly play their own personality, full of publicity personality style alone!

Military and police Camouflage Fabric is different from ordinary printed fabric, and has its own remarkable characteristics. The color of a camouflage is made of black, brown, dark green and emerald green. After special treatment, the surface of the camouflage has near infrared retardant(IRR) function. At the same time, it can be added the functions of flame retardant and waterproof. In addition, high breaking and tearing strength and good printing color fastness are the basic requirements.

Camouflage Fabric

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