Non-sparkling brand discount women 's women's style combines six national factions, set thousands of styles, nearly 10,000 kinds of styles, using stylish, elegant and natural design to fully meet the requirements of different women. Brand grasp the pulse of today's fashion, the integration of East-West cultural spirit of brand management mode of implementation, and strive to build the brand into a discount women's domestic leader.


Pink floating tops and trousers then seem to be harmonious blend, with a thin collar without collar short coat, the formation of a strong contrast between internal and external colors, to create the most seductive Chic spring ride.

非粼女装2013春夏款 酷帅BF风出街魅力吸睛

Classic tannin shirt piercing the taste of rock punk, with dark pattern tight leg pants, in a tough neutral style while more than a touch of femininity, the spring on the streets to wear it.

Fiber & Tow

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