Girls next door to the new spring and summer of 2013 women's brand can be described as the integration of a large number of designers. The brand will nowadays the most popular elements into the hot material fabric, through the design, cutting, processing and a series of processes to create a piece of girls bare-brimmed beauty clothes. Sweet candy color, lightweight chiffon fabric and to IN with the choice of all you have turned the most attention this season, the focus of the Queen.


Lake blue dress is not piercing the feeling of a fairy? With retro shirt and Europe and the United States Fan children small jacket, we will mix and match in the end.

邻家女孩2013春夏款 糖果色美裙仙仙欲飞

In this respectable season, is no longer the "red and green ride, will be vulgar" era, on the contrary, it is precisely the color contrast with the more prominent wearer attitudes follow the trend Oh.

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