With the continuous spread of the H7N9 avian flu virus and the poor results it brings, more and more people have become extremely resistant to poultry-related foods, products and all related things. Whether it is the H5N1 bird flu in 2003 or the H7N9 bird flu that returned strongly in 10 years in 2013, the people are very scared. Avian flu has been misunderstood literally, and everything related to "avian" has been eliminated. In the home textile industry, it is the down-spinning textile products. Many consumers have raised the question. Will the down-spinning products infect the H7N9 bird flu virus? Violet, as a first-line brand in China, is also exposed to such questions. They said that as a well-known home textile enterprise with a focus on human health, it is necessary to give consumers the most peace of mind.

Will down-spun textile products infect H7N9 avian influenza virus?

According to scientific research, the avian flu virus is a relatively fragile virus in the natural environment. It can be killed by high temperatures and many chemicals, and its survival time is limited in normal environments. In the daily life, we wear down jackets, covered duck down quilts, and contact with related down-filled home textile products that are not infected with bird flu.

Because the source of avian flu is generally transmitted in birds and birds, after close contact with humans and birds, the virus directly inhales or enters the mucous membrane to cause infection; and in fact only a very small number of birds are infected by avian influenza virus, from raw feathers ( The possibility of avian influenza virus found in unwashed or unprocessed is actually very, very small.

Will down-spun textile products infect H7N9 avian influenza virus?

Further, the avian influenza virus is unlikely to survive in properly washed and processed down feathers. The use of down pillows, bedding, etc. is completely non-hazardous. Avian influenza virus is one of the influenza viruses that is sensitive to heat, dryness and chemical disinfectants. If any virus (avian flu virus or other virus) does exist during the transportation of raw feathers, these viruses can be effectively eliminated during washing, drying and disinfection. Down is first washed with detergent to remove dust, dirt and organic matter. It will then be steam-sterilized for a period of 120 to 130 ° C for 30 minutes. According to "Avian Viruses: Function and Control", the bird flu virus can only survive for 2 to 3 minutes at 56 °C. In this way, the washing and steaming process of down is enough to eliminate the bird flu virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) said: "According to the conditions mentioned (referring to 120 ~ 13 ° C, 30 minutes), the virus should be eliminated. Therefore, feather pillows and cushions treated according to this condition should be safe."

Will down-spun textile products infect H7N9 avian influenza virus?

If you are still not comfortable with this, then you can pay attention to daily household hygiene, clean and disinfect daily, clean quilt cover and so on. But we also know that this will waste a lot of energy and time. Violet Shengji Home Textiles believes that the emergence of Shengji Home Textiles is based on ensuring people's sleep health and creating a clean and safe sleep micro-environment. At present, all products of Violet Bio-Home Textiles have a cleansing effect of 99.9%, and can still achieve 99% cleansing effect after washing 10 times, and still have 90% antibacterial effect after washing 200 times. In order to help consumers save costs, Violet has set up a bio-cleaning factory to clean the high-tech, safe and clean environment, so that the traditional home textile products without antibacterial function will have all the characteristics of the home textile products. Therefore, home textile experts recommend that consumers choose to use Violet Bio-Home Textiles to give their families a clean and sterile space.

The production of down products has also received great attention from relevant state departments. The national inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant enterprises to do a good job in epidemic prevention!

The first is a strict system for obtaining evidence, and it is strictly forbidden to purchase down from the affected areas. The acquisition of down must obtain the quarantine certificate of the animal products in the county, and the disinfection certificate for the animal and animal products. At the same time, the establishment of the quarantine account for the acquisition of down and feather production.

The second is a strict disinfection system. Raw material down and transport vehicles must be disinfected before entering the factory. Production and processing sites, outer packaging and delivery vehicles, as well as operators should also be disinfected and sanitized.

The third is to improve the isolation measures in the production, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and other aspects to prevent cross-contamination of finished products and raw materials.

Home health is the most important part of people's life. It is an auxiliary force for people to actively face work and one of the important factors to promote the harmony and stability of the whole society. Therefore, all parties should strive to create a healthy home environment, provide a guarantee for the healthy life of human beings, and create a high-quality, safe and clean living space. (Focus on the H7N9 avian flu virus, Violet Shengji Home Textiles on the road)

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