Jiacai Women's Flagship Store Opens Shenzhen Branch

On April 26th, Guangzhou Jiacai apparel company's famous women's brand Jiacai new-generation flagship store opened its doors at Shenzhen Bagua Ling brand apparel base, and its Shenzhen branch (channel expansion franchise center) held a grand unveiling ceremony on the same day. Reporters and executives from well-known shopping malls all dressed up to attend! The opening of a flagship store and branch office in Guangzhou with a mature brand in Shenzhen has also brought a lot of thinking space to the industry!

Affected by factors such as the economic environment, mature consumption outlook, homogenous competition, weather, and e-commerce, traditional clothing brand operating pressure is increasing! Although Jiacai is a mature and well-known women's brand, although the situation is optimistic, but the headman, Mr. Xie, is prepared to be at risk, and his vision is even longer-term.

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