[China Glass Network] As the weather gets warmer, there will be more and more rainy days, and it is more and more important as a car windshield that can determine whether the driver's line of sight is clear or not. Especially in the case of heavy rain in summer, there are many residues such as flying insects or traces of rain on the surface of the glass. These problems seem simple, but they are not simple to handle.

There are many kinds of glass water sold in the domestic market, but there are three types: glass water for summer, anti-freeze glass water for winter and anti-freeze glass water for special effects. The glass water used in summer is mainly used to remove flying insect residues on the mirror surface.

When we find that the surface of the windshield is blurred, cleaning with a suitable glass of water is much brighter. At night, the problem of chaotic reflection of glass can be found, and it can also be wiped with glass water. In addition, in the case of running high speed or dust, the glass water will be used very quickly, and it is also necessary to pay in time to inject new glass water.

Some car owners think that cleaning glass is just cleaning and decontaminating. Therefore, washing powder or detergent instead of glass water, some owners are cheaper and directly replaced with clean water. These have hidden dangers. There are some deposits in chemical detergents such as washing powder. It will easily corrode the rubber tube for a long time, and it will block the water spray port. In severe cases, it will damage the motor. The general detergent will also continuously corrode the rubber tube to accelerate the hardening of the catalytic wiper strip. When the hardened strip scrapes the windshield, the surface of the windshield will be accelerated and scratched. If you replace the wiper, the cost will be dozens of times that of glass water.

The ordinary water is very clean, but there are also a lot of chemical residues inside. The accumulation of water will cause the nozzle to clog and affect the water spray. Long-term use will also increase the friction, leaving a slight scratch on the windshield when the wiper is cleaned.

Coating process to determine the insulation effect <br> <br> summer, a thin layer of insulation film can play a significant role, not only to withstand the hot sun, but also heat, UV protection. The insiders pointed out that the heat insulation effect is one of the important reasons for consumers to choose the film. In addition, the light transmittance and UV protection index of the heat insulation film are all things that consumers must care about. However, many consumers have many misunderstandings about the thermal insulation film.

The car insulation film has the front and rear windshield and the side windshield. Among them, the front windshield is required for the heat shield film. According to the traffic safety regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, the light transmittance of the front windshield must be greater than 70%, so as not to affect the safety of driving. The front windshield is more difficult to stick to the dark thermal insulation film. In addition, when selecting the UV resistance index of the heat-insulating film, the higher the better, because it can protect the parts of the center console and prevent premature aging by the long-term exposure of the sun.

The side windshield insulation film is also premised on not affecting the owner's observation of the rear view mirror. The optional heat shield of the side windshield is more flexible and the color is more varied. If some owners like blue insulation film, etc.

In addition, the thermal insulation effect of the thermal insulation film is not directly related to the color depth. The coating process in the thermal insulation film is the key factor determining the thermal insulation effect. The higher the heat insulation rate, the more reflective the light. In general, a thermal insulation film with a thermal insulation rate of 60% on the market is already a good product. If the product claims to have an insulation rate of up to 80% or even 90%, consumers will have to pay more attention to it.

If a GPS navigator is installed in the car, the owner should choose a non-metal film product, because most of the explosion-proof films on the market still belong to the metal film, which will cause interference to the GPS signal.

In addition, the film also has a simple process: the meter is covered with towels, kept clean and tidy - clean glass - film - the film is shaped on the glass outside the window - according to the shape of the glass, the trim angle - the inner glass is clean - officially Film - drowning, blowing corners with a hair dryer - cleaner later. These steps are indispensable. If the film is not effective, the owner can ask the store to rework, so that the car glass can be better protected.

Prevent spontaneous combustion car <br> <br> high temperature hot weather is also a high incidence of spontaneous combustion car accident. The spontaneous combustion of a car not only causes economic losses, but also may cause casualties and requires more attention. There are many reasons for the auto-ignition of the car, such as engine fuel filter failure, line failure, and power line aging.

A better way to prevent it is to go to a professional repair shop for on-time inspection and maintenance, which generally eliminates the occurrence of spontaneous combustion accidents.


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