Fankai Van Cleef & Sky Summer 2013, this season's new product is full of longing for exploring nature in the urban countryside. Inspired by the relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle of modern French people, it inherits the classic elements of the past and integrates retro style with modern beauty. After the bustle of the city, enjoy leisurely free time.


The collar of the double flounces gentle swing, bow inadvertently fell on the back, floral fragrance through the lace, sprinkling a quiet place.

Fankai梵凯女装2013夏季新品  喧嚣后乐享闲适的自在时光

Qingning summer wind blowing, the lines looking for the shuttle in the story, elegant skirts, with a garden full of flowers.

Fankai梵凯女装2013夏季新品  喧嚣后乐享闲适的自在时光

Vintage wave classic without losing generous, graceful interwoven design, awaken the ancient Greek feelings, fashion perishable, and the style will last forever.

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