A 10-20x magnifying glass is needed for assistance and several simple observations.

Method 1: Observe the waist of the diamond. If it is a sanded waist, it is most suitable for this method. Because the diamond is harder than any imitation, it will not appear as a strip of grain like a replica. The waist of the diamond is granular. Exterior.

Method 2: Diamonds are harder than fakes, and the faceted ridges of imitations tend to be more blunt than the diamonds, and the facets of diamonds must be sharp.

Method 3: Based on the fact that diamonds are harder than imitations, the faceted ridges of imitations often wear out.

Method 4: If the diamond has a natural surface, the natural surface has the opportunity to discover the unique "triangle growth pattern" of the diamond.

Method 5: If the diamond has a broken mouth, the appearance is usually stepped, and the imitation will be curved or shell-shaped.

Hardness test

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substances known. There is nothing to mark the diamonds. If you can mark them, they are not diamonds.

Thermal conductivity test

At the same time, you should breathe a sigh of relief on diamonds and other similar items. If it is a diamond, the water mist on its surface should evaporate faster than the water mist on other items. This is because diamonds have high thermal conductivity.

Observing reflected light

A magnifying glass can be used to observe a very fine frosted and lustrous reflected light at the waist of the diamond. This feature of diamonds is unique.

Look at growth points

Under the magnifying glass, there are often grooves and triangular growth points on the crystal face of genuine diamonds, and there are three types of products: 1 ordinary glass with alumina added, which is easy to be mistaken due to the increase in refractive index and dispersion, but the hardness is low. 2 Chemically synthesized sapphire and colorless spinel imitation, the hardness is close, but the refractive index is low and there is birefringence, and ghosting can be seen under the magnifying glass.

Similar chemical composition test

The chemical composition of pencils is the same as carbon and diamonds, but the physical structure is different. Therefore, many people use pencils to detect the authenticity of diamonds. It is a more practical and effective method. When identifying, we must first wet the diamonds with water, then Then use a pencil to gently scribe, on the crystal face of the real diamond, where the pencil is drawn, there is no trace, and if it is not a diamond, but a glass, crystal and other materials, it will leave traces on the surface. In general, the use of pencil scribing to identify the true and false of the diamond, the accuracy of this method is higher

Artificial zirconia imitation

The hardness is higher and the refraction is good, but it will reflect more color light when it rotates, which is obviously different from the fact that only the weak yellow and blue color light is reflected when the real product rotates.

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The fabrics are mostly cotton, polyester, nylon oxford and spandex.

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