Ben Wang reported on July 11 that in addition to the radiant appearance of the female celebrities attending the event, their daily casual outfits are the focus of the beautiful crushes. Xiaobian’s summary finds that domestic and foreign female stars like pencils very much. The combination of trousers + flat shoes as casual wear on weekdays, in the end what the magic of these two single items so that female stars are so fascinated, let us take a look at the beautiful demonstration of female stars.

Female star pencil pants + flat shoes dress 1:

The hot mom Miranda Kerr walks in the street with her dog and wears a black tulle semi-sheer shirt with denim tights and leopard-print flats. The casual outfits show sexy and beautiful in black yarn and leopard prints. The simple match still conceals the charm of the goddess.

Female star pencil pants + flat shoes dress 2:

The famous Korean singer Lee Hyo-lee is wearing a white vest, black tight-fitting jeans and flat shoes in public. Although the clothes are comfortable and monotonous, he wears a pair of sunglasses or shows a lot of star taste. The plaid shirt is tied to the waist. On the street, show the street style.

Female star pencil pants + flat shoes dress up 3:

Girls' Generation Jessica also used pencil trousers and flat-bottomed lazy shoes in daily life. This time wearing a loose-fitting dolman sleeveless top, the sexy little dew made the dull look more worthwhile.

Female star pencil pants + flat shoes dress up 4:

In the girlhood era, Xiuying appeared in the airport wearing a pair of tattered denim pencil pants with white flats. The small jacket was a warm magic weapon in the air-conditioned room. The red wrist bag became the highlight of the whole body. It was both handsome and casual.

Female star pencil pants + flat shoes dress 5:

Girls' Day loves pencil trousers + flats. After Jessica and Xiu Ying's white lace blouse with pencil trousers and flats, smartly put on a white lace blouse to display youth in dark-colored clothing. One of the secrets of vitality and leisure.

Female star pencil pants + flat shoes dress up 6:

Twilight female Kristen Stewart was dressed in dark grey pencil pants and black cloth shoes in a low-key manner. Messy hair and white boyfriend tops were used. The spirit of the shirt was to tie the shorts and V-neck design to show a sexy charm. Lazy and sexy perfect combination of your heart yet?

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