In some people's minds, jewelry seems to be only a woman's patent. In fact, from ancient times to today, men commemorate the decoration of jewelry from head to toe. Such as the head lice on the helmet, the necklace on the neck, the jade on the waist, the chest protector on the robes, the armor, the self-defending sabre, the gun, the fan, the glasses, the pen, the cigarette case (bucket), the watch, the ring , brooch, tie clips, etc., can not be lifted. Today, men commonly use the following accessories:

Ring: Wearing a ring is exquisite and distinguished. If the ring is too thick, it will be difficult to cover the rich city. The male ring styles include navy ring, square ring, word ring, diamond ring, etc., especially the exquisite precious diamond ring, which is very popular among business men. For exaggerated and weird rings, men should choose carefully so as not to damage their gentleman's image. Male rings are thick, heavy, wide and large. Commonly there are three types: naval ring, bergamot ring, and name ring. The buddha ring has a long circular pattern, and some have a Buddha word, or Fu, Shou, auspicious, and Ruyi. The name or the usual face is cast with its own name, which can be used as a stamp.

Tie clip: Tie clip can be said to be a special accessory for men. The main function of the tie clip is to attach the tie to the shirt. Use a tie clip to require color to be roughly coordinated with the tie. The most common method of use is to wear it on the lower part of the tie; it can also be worn on the collar of the suit and on the collar of the shirt. But the tie clip must match the skin tone, suit and shirt.

Clothes button: The shape of the button is various, and the material selection is more and more modern. The general shape is square, round, petal, zodiac and animal shape, as well as 12K or 18K gold, high-grade buttons embedded in low-end gems.

Necklaces: Men's necklaces are generally rough, heavy, and strong, and the patterns are relatively simple. There are two types of mechanism chains and whip chains.

Belt buckle: Belt buckle is an important item for men's jewelry. As a foil jewellery, the key issue is to coordinate with the clothing color scheme. Wearing a black suit, the color is solemn and heavy, and should be equipped with a gold or gold-plated color buckle.

Glasses: Known as the "window of the soul." If you are a teacher, you should choose elegant and elegant glasses to give you a learned and steady impression. If you are a white-collar worker, you may wish to choose a pair of fine-quality glasses to show elegance. Sunglasses should also be a must for urban men who are cold and clear.

Handkerchief: The upper side of the left chest of the men's suit has a pocket with a slanted pocket, which is a towel pocket. Put a delicate handkerchief, roll out a variety of patterns, obliquely inserted in the mouth of the bag, it will be with the tie, so that the monotonous suit adds a lot of charm.

In the selection of men's portable accessories, in addition to paying attention to its decorative role, but also emphasize the practicality. When you wear it, you should also consider the overall harmony.

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